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Enjoy the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage with Dry Brushing and Rebounding

March 28, 2012 LYT By:

Did you know the benefits of lymphatic drainage include keeping your immune system strong and speedily moving toxins and pathogens out of your body? It is key to understand that the lymph system only moves through motion and exercise and not on its own – so you’ve gotta shake it in order to stay healthy and clean! Dry skin brushing and rebounding are some effective and fun tools to help increase lymphatic drainage – imagine getting rid of a sore throat simply by jumping on a trampoline!

Build and maintain a strong immune system w/ dry skin brushing & rebounding!!

What Are Your Lymph Nodes?

The lymphatic system is composed of lymph, a clear fluid made of white and red blood cells, moving intracellularly to deliver nutrients and oxygen to your cells and remove waste, toxins, and other pathogens. After circulating through your cells and tissue, the lymph fluid travels through lymph capillaries and then to lymph nodes. The lymph nodes revitalize the lymph fluid with new white blood cells (lymphocytes) before sending the lymph fluid back to repeat the process. Also, the lymph nodes filter out the waste from the lymph fluid and send it into the bloodstream resulting in the best benefit of lymphatic drainage: waste exiting the body for good through the main organs of elimination, namely, the colon, skin, kidneys, and lungs.

The Lymphatic System


Where Are Your Lymph Nodes?

Do you know where your lymph nodes are? There are 500-600 bean-sized lymph nodes in your body and they are found in the neck, chest, underarms, abdomen, groin, and knees. It is important for your health to use lymphatic drainage tools and techniques wherever your lymph nodes are for maximum benefit.

A benefit of lymphatic drainage and circulation is the prevention of poor health and disease. A clogged lymph system and compromised nodes could contribute to the following ailments, which most often affect areas where your lymph nodes are found.

     * Allergies

     * Arthritis

     * Chronic Sinusitis/Tonsillitis/Ear Infections

     * Constipation

     * Eczema And Other Skin Conditions

     * Edema

     * Heart Disease

     * Gum Disease/Halitosis

     * Lupus

     * Multiple Sclerosis

     * Obesity

     * Puffy Eyes

     * Repetitive Parasitic Infections

     * Yeast Infections

The Lymphatic System & Location Of Lymph Nodes

Tools for Reaping the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

1.  Dry Skin Brushing: Brushing your skin with a stiff bristle dry brush (always toward your heart) before taking a shower is a great way to move your lymph fluid and receive lymphatic drainage benefits. Brush your skin with two quick long strokes up your limbs and down your torso, always moving toward your heart. Make sure to brush gently on sensitive skin areas. Also, you can brush your skin more firmly behind your knees, inner thighs, and underarms where your lymph nodes are located. 

We recommend the Tampico dry skin brush from Yerba Prima! Get your lymph flowing!


2.  Rebounding: Have fun by jumping at least 10 minutes a day on a Cellerciser mini-trampoline for lymphatic drainage benefits! The bouncing motion increases the circulation of lymph fluid through the tissue and nodes, which means more efficient waste removal. 

We LOVE and Recommend the Cellerciser from Dave Hall! Get your groove on while flushing that lymph!

Colonics Aid In Expediting Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

When the lymph system is sluggish and backed up with waste, you will hasten the benefits of lymphatic drainage by coupling the dry brushing and rebounding with colonics, which will accelerate the removal of waste accumulated in the bloodstream. The more quickly you remove waste from the body, the more rapidly you unburden your lymph system and recover. At LYT, here in buzzing New York City, we believe that colonics are the best and most efficient waste removal therapy available!


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