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LIVE STREAM VIDEO Detox Series: “The Feel-Good Manifesto” Hosted By Joyce Rockwood

September 7, 2013 LYT By:


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These Global Live Streams Are Created For People Who:

  • Have questions about a detoxifying diet or have started and suddenly feel stuck
  • Want to have direct access to an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner who offers a simple dietary approach that results in health improvements right away
  • Feel sluggish or depressed and want to jump-start their health with easy steps they can follow through with over time
  • Are curious about juice cleanses and want to know the benefits &/or when to implement them
  • Are curious about Gravity Colon Hydrotherapy and want to know how it aids detoxification
  • Are interested in learning about what/how foods aid detoxification for increased energy, weight loss, improved quality of life, and radiance!


  • This event is 100% virtual from anywhere in the world from your own computer.
  • Joyce begins each Live Stream w/ a discussion about detoxification principals and then there is an open forum for you to ask questions via live-stream.
  • Not available for the live event? Not to worry, a recording will be available within a few hours thereafter.
  • Registrants will be e-mailed a link & password to access the live event and will have access to the recording(s) afterwards as well.
  • Please feel free to share this with a friend and help others to experience the simplicity & joy of detoxification through Joyce’s LiveStreams!

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Joyce Rockwood offers you over 15 years of knowledge and experience as a Colon Hydrotherapist and lifestyle consultant. She has been featured as an expert speaker on Natalia Rose’s Advanced Training Certification Course and is also an adjunct faculty member of April Martucci’s FireDragonYoga™ Teacher Training (Reebok, NYC). She is passionate about helping people lead more dynamic, healthy, and productive lives!

For more info or to register please call 212-696-1800 or email us @

1. ONLY $25! 75 min Recording From July 8, 2013 Live Stream: “3 Easy Steps To Jump-Start Your Detox” 

2. ONLY $25! 75 min Recording From July 15, 2013 Live Stream: “Juice Cleanses/Fasting & Best Practices For Success” 

3. SAVE $10! BUY BOTH July Recordings for $40!

4. ONLY $25! Join the Sun, August 25, 2013 60 min Live Stream @ 11:30 a.m. E.S.T.: “Demystifying Colon Hydrotherapy & Colonic FAQ’s”

5. ONLY $25! Join the September 15, 2013 75 min Live Stream @ 11:30 a.m. E.S.T.: “Your Lymphatic System & Detoxification”

6. ONLY $25! Join the October 6, 2013 75 min Live Stream @ 11:30 a.m. E.S.T.: “Your Respiratory System & Non-Toxic Household Cleaners”

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How to Reduce and Stop Your Sugar Cravings

September 3, 2013 LYT By:

If you’re wondering how to stop craving sugar, you’re not alone. The average American consumes more than 150 pounds of sugar each year. It’s in almost every processed food on the market and restaurants use it liberally to enhance a number of dishes including:

  • Appetizers
  • Entrees
  • Desserts

Unless your diet is devoid of processed foods, you’re probably eating a lot more sugar than you think you are. And that’s bad news if you’re trying to reduce sugar cravings.


Sugar is a Drug: How to Stop Craving Sugar & Stop the “Addiction”

The Greek word for sugar stems from a Hebrew root that means “intoxicating.” The Greeks and Romans recognized sugar as a drug. In medieval Europe, sugar was kept under lock and key by apothecaries.  These ancient civilizations sensed intuitively what our sophisticated modern technology has shown conclusively: sugar is addictive. In fact, some studies suggest it is four times as addictive as crack-cocaine. It lights up the pleasure centers of the brain as surely as any other addictive substance or destructive behavior. Is it any wonder that Americans can’t figure out how to stop craving sugar? This toxic, highly addictive substance is peddled to us each and every day, and its production – as high fructose corn syrup – is even subsidized by the government.


So how can you reduce sugar cravings?

Weaning yourself off sugar may be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do, but it also will be one of the most rewarding. Sugar is linked to obesity and diabetes, of course, but also to most of the diseases that affect us today.  It’s time to reduce your sugar cravings because sugar consumption inflames the cell linings of the body, and most diseases, (including arthritis, heart disease and cancer) are linked to excess inflammation.  So, figuring out how to stop sugar cravings is well worth the effort.  Here are some of our favorite strategies for getting off the junk:

  • Drink lots of water. Keeping yourself well-hydrated will help your body as it kicks the sugar habit.


  • Make a list of all the reasons you want to get the sugar out of your system. The list might include clearer skin, improved mood, increased energy, weight loss – anything that’s important to you. Carry this list with you and refer to it when you’re tempted.

a new beginning

  • Eat whole foods. Getting the processed foods out of your diet is one of the best ways we know to reduce sugar cravings.


  • Eat – and drink! – your greens. Trust us: green juice will help in ways you can’t imagine unless you’ve tried it. Many of our clients are surprised at the lift they get from green juice. It’s similar to a caffeine or sugar rush, but so much healthier! To help reduce sugar cravings naturally, try some of our favorite raw food recipes.


Flush it out.

It saddens us that more sugar addicts don’t know about colon hydrotherapy, because it is such a powerful tool in any kind of detox program. When you stop ingesting sugar and step up your intake of fresh foods, your body will begin to detoxify, and this is when the cravings will be most intense. A colonic will literally flush away many of the offending toxins, which will result in an immediate reduction of sugar cravings. Cleansing the colon also will give your body greater access to the nutrients in the good food you’re taking in.  The best colon hydrotherapy NYC offers is at LYT, and we’d love to help show you how to stop sugar cravings forever. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, so please contact us today.

Siddha Beauty

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Vegetarian School Lunch Ideas: Back to School Has Never Been Healthier

August 19, 2013 LYT By:

It’s Back to School time again! If you’re wondering what to pack the kids for lunch, we’ve got some vegetarian school lunch ideas to share with you that will keep your kids bright-eyed, smiling and growing strong. They’ll have delicious food they can look forward to, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that the food you’re giving them is wholesome and nourishing.


What not to Pack

Looking for healthy school lunch recipes is a top priority for loving parents everywhere. 
In spite of the growing awareness that we need to nurture our children with the very best, 
 we were shocked to see how many mainstream vegetarian school lunch suggestions rely heavily on highly-processed meat and cheese substitutes, many of which are made from soy. These foods – like other processed foods – are high in sodium and preservatives. You and your kids deserve better!


Packing a Better & Healthier (Vegetarian) School Lunch



Skip the processed food and focus on plant power! Pick from your child’s favorites and try to pack a rainbow of colors into every box. Make the meal as much fun as possible. For example, use a small cookie cutter on slices of cucumber and orange peppers to create vegetarian finger foods that are appealing. A small container of coconut butter with some tamari sauce makes for a fun dipping sauce for raw vegetables. And when it comes to vegetarian school lunch ideas, be sure not to forget about roasted vegetables – like sweet potato “fries” – which have a sweet flavor that appeals to kids and grown-ups alike. Explore healthy school lunch recipes and experiment. Here are some winning combinations that may appeal:

• Quinoa and mixed vegetables (Make a big pot in advance and place in small containers in freezer to defrost and use on different days.)

• Brown Rice Fusili (or other fun pasta shapes) w/ fun shaped orange, yellow, or red pepper and/or zucchini cut outs.

• Celery stalks w/ raw almond butter for dipping and a side of cooked green beans with olive oil and Herbamare® drizzled in for flavor.


• Cucumber strips (you can add some Bragg’s Liquid Aminos® for flavor). Steamed beets (cut into cubes) and raw almonds or Organic corn chips (buy organic and w/o Canola Oil).

Nori roll ups with a side of and Edward and Son’s Brown Rice Snaps (Crackers).

• Ezekiel tostadas: guacamole, corn & peas w/ salsa (White Girl Salsa® is made w/o vinegar or any preservatives)


• Toased Ezekiel Buns w/ grilled Sunshine Burgers.

• Yellow & Green Oven Roasted Zucchini Chips w/ Gopal’s Power Wraps or Mauk Family Farms Flax Seed Crackers

• These are also great for packing a light snack or for adding into the lunchbox for crunch at lunch: Unique Pretzel Splits and Lundberg Organic Wild Rice Cakes.

Check with your child’s school to see if there are any foods that are not allowed before getting too carried away with vegetarian (or any kind of) school lunch ideas. For example, many schools no longer allow peanut butter because it can trigger life-threatening allergies in so many children. Almond, cashew, and hazelnut butters can provide delicious alternatives.

It only takes one parent to cause a revolution for their child's health! TAKE ACTION!

It only takes one parent to cause a revolution for their child’s health! TAKE ACTION!

What about Sandwiches in my Vegetarian School Lunches?

Sandwiches are a lunchbox staple for good reason. But, the kind of sliced and packaged bread we grew up with may not be the best choice. Try sprouted bread like Ezekiel bread, or explore gluten-free options. Rice cakes can make a good stand-in for snacks, and are especially tasty with nut butters or better combined with coconut butter and a dash of cinnamon. For your healthy school lunch recipes, some ideas include using tapenade, mashed avocado or coconut butter for creamy dressings, sauces or spreads instead of mayonnaise. Roasted squash with a dash of sea salt can be mashed and used as a spread as well and then just top off with any cooked veggies or a Portobello mushroom for the “meat” of the sandwich.

Coconut Butter is naturally sweet and tastes a bit like the inside of a cannoli!

Coconut Butter is naturally sweet and tastes a bit like the inside of a cannoli!

Kids will be Kids

Because we want the very best for our kids, especially where the food they put in their bodies is concerned, it can be easy to get carried away in our quest for healthy vegetarian school lunches. If your child has a severe food allergy, constant vigilance is necessary. But, for the rest of us, it’s good to do the best we can, and leave some decision-making up to them. Studies show clearly that it’s the food available at home that has the most bearing on a child’s future eating habits.


LYTnyc Offers Nutritional Counseling for You & Your Family

If you’d like expert help to create the best possible diet for yourself and your family, please contact us. In addition to our other services, we also offer some of the best nutritional counseling NYC has to offer.




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Avoid the Disadvantages of Caffeine: Dangers do Exist

August 12, 2013 LYT By:

If you’re someone who wakes up, bleary-eyed, groping your way to the coffee pot or nearest Starbucks, we probably don’t need to tell you about the disadvantages of caffeine. As a caffeine addict, you’re living with those disadvantages day in and day out: the lift-off followed by the inevitable crash; the caffeine headache if – God forbid – you don’t get your daily fix. But perhaps you haven’t yet kicked the habit because you think it’s just a mild inconvenience to be addicted. You may be willing to put up with a little anxiety and irritability, even insomnia or migraines, in exchange for your daily cuppa joltin’ joe or your favorite caffeine-infused soft drink. You may not know the full scope of the dangers of caffeine, so we’re here to clue you in.

Beautiful Woman Enjoys Coffee

Caffeine Dangers: What Media Forgot to Tell You

You may be aware that caffeine consumption is linked to an increased risk of hypertension and can adversely contribute to cardiovascular disorders. You may even know that it stresses the adrenal system – a system already on overload in most Americans. The severity of the risks of caffeine is, by and large, underreported in most media. Caffeine consumption is big business in this country, and most of the studies touting its benefits are funded by – you guessed it! – companies that profit when we drink the stuff. But, according to Dr. Jack James who is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Caffeine Research, caffeine dangers are very real. Caffeine is directly responsible for thousands of deaths each year, and tens of thousands of emergency room visits. When the indirect risks of caffeine are considered, the numbers are even more significant. Dr. James maintains that the disadvantages of caffeine can be – and are – lethal, and thinks it should be controlled as other drugs, like alcohol and nicotine, are controlled.


Premiere’s September 29! Check it out here!

Caffeine and the Colon

With the help of our favorite super hero, Colonic NYC, let’s focus for a moment on how caffeine can wreak havoc on your digestive system and affect the health of your colon.

  • Caffeine increases the body’s production of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. This negatively impacts the immune system in several ways, including slowing down the function of the entire digestive tract.
  • The liver recognizes caffeine as a toxin, and will filter it rather than addressing other toxins that may be present, putting strain on the colon and other organs.
  • Another disadvantage of caffeine is that it irritates the lining of the stomach and small intestine, which can be disastrous for those who suffer with ulcers, colitis, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Caffeine is a diuretic; besides putting strain on the kidneys, caffeine will pull water from the colon, which can cause or exacerbate constipation.


Out of Caffeine Harm’s Way

So what’s a girl or guy to do? The answer is simple, and can be easy, too: Kick the habit and the caffeine dangers that accompany it. If you’re brave and don’t have other health challenges, you can try to quit cold turkey. Or, if your consumption is high, wean yourself off caffeine gradually by alternating days with green tea and coffee and increasing the consecutive days of green tea as your body lets you know it’s ready to do so. Either way, schedule a colonic during your detox to help your body as it heals from the addiction and restores its alkaline balance. Many of our clients find that their cravings for caffeine are replaced with a yen for much healthier fare – like green juice and salad. As your body gets healthier, it will crave cleaner foods! Please remember, our team is dedicated to your radiant good health, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns as your journey unfolds!



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Improving Your Immune System Through Colonics

August 10, 2013 LYT By:

If you think that improving your immune system through colonics isn’t a topic you need to read about, consider this: there are more than 84,000 chemicals in the products we commonly use, and only about 1% of these has been tested for safety. Yes. You read that right. One percent. These chemicals are in the products we use, the water we drink, the air we breathe. Your body has the daunting task of figuring out for itself which of those not-yet-tested substances may be harmful. So even if your medicine cabinet holds nothing but essential oils, even if your diet is so clean that you squeak when you walk, your immune system could still be overwhelmed from exposure to toxins in the environment. But we’re here to discuss the relationship between colonics and immunity and to reveal this not-so-secret – but widely underused – weapon to get you, or keep you, in the best health of your life.


Colonics and Immunity

Let’s get straight to the point: if you’re serious about improving your immune system so that it works at an optimum level, you need to consider the relationship between colonics and immunity. Here’s why: about 70 to 80 percent of the system that governs your body’s ability to fight disease – from common allergies to the flu to diabetes to cancer – resides in your digestive tract, and more than five feet of that tract is comprised of your colon. When you improve the health of your colon, your immune system – and every other system of your body – benefits.


What does the colon do?

So, we’d like to dig a little deeper into the topic of colonics and immunity. You may have heard it said that if your body were a city, your colon would be the sewer system. But your body is not a city, and your colon is so much more than a sewer system. Besides eliminating solid waste, the colon does so much more:



• It uses the foods you eat to manufacture some of the vitamins you need, including Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin K

• It absorbs and distributes nutrients to your body that the small intestine didn’t catch

• It helps keep you hydrated

• It blocks the absorption of toxins and keeps them from going into the bloodstream.

In short, your colon works 24/7 to protect you in myriad ways. And in the modern-day world, it is stressed out with the magnitude of the task.

Wow! How can I help my colon help me?

Improving the health of your colon and improving your immune system go hand in hand. All of the things you do to support your overall health will help to keep your colon in peak fighting form.

• Eat a healthy, plant-based diet with LOTS of leafy greens

• Keep yourself well hydrated

• Exercise regularly

Meditate to help manage stress 

• Make colon hydrotherapy part of your self-care routine.

Step Into the LYT!!

The most compelling way we know to convince folks of the link between colonics and immunity is for them to experience the benefits first-hand. While we’ve worked with clients who have cured themselves of serious, chronic diseases, a more common example is that many of our clients notice that they escape from winter colds, and have far fewer problems with seasonal allergies when they see us regularly.

So, how can we help you? We’re proud to say that the best colon hydrotherapy NYC has available is here at LYT. We’d love to answer any questions you may have or help you make an appointment. You can contact us by phone or e-mail.


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Natural Cures for Acne: Food and Lifestyle Choices Matter

July 29, 2013 LYT By:


Natural cures for acne. Does that sound too good to be true? We promise you it’s not. In fact, food and lifestyle choices matter so much where your skin is concerned that it’s shocking how little most members of the medical community seem to know of the connection. Standard treatments include:

• Lotions that dry the skin – some of which may permanently thin it

• Antibiotics that take the good bacteria out with the bad

• Drugs that interfere with your hormones and can cause a host of other problems

• Some prescriptions that are so toxic the liver has to be tested regularly

Scary, right? And probably not necessary, as most people will respond to more natural treatments for acne including different lifestyle choices as well as foods that cure acne.

We proudly recommend CV Skinlabs safe non-toxic skin care line from Britta Aragon, Founder. Oh, and she’s also a dear friend & LYT client!

First things first . . .

Before we dive into those natural cures for acne, let’s take a moment to appreciate the significance of healthy skin. We sometimes forget this, but like the heart, lungs, and liver, the skin is an organ. In fact, it’s our largest organ and makes up about 16% of our total body weight. It keeps us cool, it activates Vitamin D, and it’s our first line of defense from environmental toxins, both external and internal. In an effort to protect internal organs, the body will attempt to shuttle things to the surface. This means that inflammation of the skin, in conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne, are an indication that the body as a whole is in duress.


In duress? Don’t suppress. Address!!

Acne flare-ups aren’t just unsightly. They can be painful, and we understand the desire for a quick fix. Drugs may be tempting, because they can suppress the symptoms. But the key to a cure is addressing the underlying issues that are causing the inflammation, so that the acne clears up naturally and the skin glows. Healthy skin reflects a healthy body, so the things that support your overall well-being – diet, exercise, stress management, sleep, etc.—all must be addressed if you’re seeking a natural way to cure acne.


Are there foods that cure acne?

We’re sometimes asked if there are foods that cure acne. Yes and no. Yes, there are foods that will help to eradicate the problem but there is no one food – or food combination – that is a panacea that will help everyone. As a rule of thumb, any food that is acid-forming – animal products, fried foods, sugar, processed grains – should be avoided. Load up on the alkalinizing foods, such as fresh vegetables. Be especially liberal with the greens, and with the purple, orange and deep-red vegetables, like red cabbage, red onions, carrots, blood oranges, cherries, berries and pomegranate, which contain anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that help to aid circulation and optimal skin cell turnover. So, these might not be foods that cure acne, but a steady diet of these rich and healthy options can certainly help clear your skin and keep it that way.


Saving the best for last.

Colonics may be the single-most powerful natural cure for acne. Some of the toxic load that is inflaming the system is flushed away with every session. The clear, glowing skin that results is one of the things that makes our clients happiest. And we’re happy because we know radiant skin means they’re healthy from the inside out. To experience the best colonics NYC has available, please contact us today.


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Chlorophyll and Cholesterol: Find Out the Benefits of This Natural Supplement

July 23, 2013 LYT By:

If you read this blog regularly, you know that we don’t often recommend supplements. But we make an exception when it comes to chlorophyll. Liquid chlorophyll benefits include everything from improved immune function to sweeter breath, but today we’re focusing specifically on chlorophyll and cholesterol.

Health Benefits Of Liquid Chlorophyll

What is chlorophyll?

It’s no exaggeration to say that chlorophyll is the life-blood of the Universe. As you probably know, it’s what gives plants their green color and helps them convert sunlight into glucose. Essentially, it makes life on Earth possible. What is less well known is that chlorophyll is nearly identical to hemoglobin; chlorophyll has magnesium at its center, while hemoglobin has iron. There is research indicating that chlorophyll has the ability to release its magnesium and absorb iron in its place. Thus, the greens you eat quite literally become your blood. More hemoglobin means more oxygen to your cells, which means a healthier you in every way. Starting to get the hint about liquid chlorophyll benefits?!


Well what is the relation between chlorophyll and cholesterol?

As a culture, we worry about high cholesterol because it indicates the presence of plaque in our arteries. It may be helpful to think of this plaque as being similar to what the dentist scrapes from your teeth; it coats the walls of the arteries and makes them hard. Chlorophyll can help to lower cholesterol levels, essentially cleaning the walls of your arteries much as the dentist cleans your teeth. Think that can’t be possible? Think again. The evidence for the benefits of ingesting more green vegetables – and therefore, more chlorophyll – are irrefutable. In fact, these results can be so pronounced that if you are taking prescription medications for high cholesterol, and dramatically increase your intake of chlorophyll-rich vegetables or liquid chlorophyll, you should make sure you’re monitored carefully by your physician so that you don’t overmedicate. 



Where can I get my chlorophyll fix?!

So you’re sold on the benefits of chlorophyll, you understand the relationship between chlorophyll and cholesterol and you’ve decided you want to use chlorophyll to lower your cholesterol? Forget the pharmacy and head for the farmer’s market! Anything green will provide you with chlorophyll. The best sources are deep, green leafy vegetables like collards, kale, spinach, and swiss chard, but basil, parsley and cilantro can also help your body clean up its act. There’s no wrong way to eat green vegetables, but you’ll get the most blood-cleansing benefits if you juice your greens. Boost the chlorophyll content by adding spirulina or blue-green algae to your juice. If you like sea vegetables, like nori or kombu, they’ll help you get your fill of chlorophyll, too. Juicing your vegetables = liquid chlorophyll; the benefits are undeniable!


Green and Bare It!

Munch, crunch, sip and slurp those greens and you’ll be on your way to lower cholesterol, naturally. And remember that green vegetables loosen up the gunk that’s been hanging out in your tissues, and colonics help flush it out of your body once and for all.  So you can maximize the blood-cleansing and cholesterol-lowering power of chlorophyll by making colon hydrotherapy a regular part of your self-care. For the best colonic NYC offers – and we know you want the best! – contact us today.

13764596-portrait-of-young-beautiful-woman-with-bare-shoulders-holding-bunch-of-parsley-on-green-background-s 2

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Natural Colon Cleansers: Take Care of Your Colon Safely

July 16, 2013 LYT By:


If you want a clean colon that will operate with peak efficiency, we have good news and we have bad news. Bad news first: there is no quick fix. Products on the market touted as natural colon cleansers have an effect – sometimes a violent effect – but they won’t deliver a truly clean colon. Better to save your money, spare your health, and leave them on the shelf. But here’s the good news: safe colon cleansing is gentle and natural and within anyone’s reach, and we’re here to tell you how to make it happen.

The Basics of Natural Colon Cleansing

Imagine that you don’t have a bath or a shower, and must rely on a bird-bath-sized basin to keep yourself clean. Over time, in spite of your best efforts, you build up a film of oils, dust and sweat that you’re unable to rinse away properly. Commercial “natural” colon cleansing products are like that birdbath; they can’t really provide an effective cleanse.

A true cleansing of the colon happens over time and, for most of us, also requires some lifestyle changes. Here are our best tips for safe colon cleansing: 


Eat Plenty of Salads 

Salad comprised of raw vegetables is a natural colon cleanser. (Sorry! Potato and pasta salads don’t count, but there are lots of other delicious options.) Raw vegetables not only provide vital nutrients to keep your body humming, but the fiber in them is safe and vital for a healthy colon. Keeping to our bathing metaphor, think of the greens and other veggies in your salads as the loofah. They’ll stimulate your cells while simultaneously loosening the toxins that are lurking, and then escort them out of your body. Starting lunch and dinner with a large salad is one of the best things you can do to naturally and safely encourage a clean, healthy colon.


Juice, Juice, Baby!

If salads are the loofah of the safe colon cleansing process, juice is the best , most magical cleansing solution ever created. It’s true that juicing removes fiber, but the process also breaks down the cell walls of the vegetables, making all of the nutrients available to you immediately. You’re literally flooding your system with the phytonutrients it craves. Your body is spared the energy-consuming task of digesting solid food, and can use that energy instead to clean what needs to be cleaned. Bottom line: even more toxins will be carried to the curb through juicing—a key aspect in natural colon cleansing.


Take Out the Trash

You wouldn’t exfoliate, soap up, and call yourself clean, would you? Of course not! You’d rinse off the dead skin cells and soap film with lots of fresh, clean water. And that’s exactly why you’ll want to schedule a colonic to support your natural colon cleansing. Salads and juices will have loosened up all the gunk and it will be looking for a way out.


Enter our favorite superhero, Colonic NYC! Our safe method is going to get rid of the toxic villains that have been lurking in the dark corners, waiting to cause trouble. When it comes to natural colon cleansers, nothing beats colon hydrotherapy. We hope you’ll give us a call today and let us help you discover the best health you’ve ever known.




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The Benefits of a Lymphatic Body Brushing Detox

July 9, 2013 LYT By:

Want to know one of the easiest – and most invigorating – ways to give toxins the brush-off? Try a lymphatic body brushing detox! All you need is two minutes a day and a body brush, and we’re sure you’ll join us in singing the benefits of dry brushing.

We recommend Yerba Prima for your Lymphatic Dry Brushing Regimen!

We recommend Yerba Prima for your Lymphatic Dry Brushing Regimen!

What is a lymphatic body brushing detox?

We know it’s a mouthful! But the practice of detoxing your body through lymphatic body brushing is easier than it sounds. It simply refers to using systematic dry brushing – with a natural bristled brush – to stimulate your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system flows toward the heart, so always brush in that direction. Use a firm but gentle pressure, and brush each area with at least two strokes once a day. If you like, put one drop of essential oil in the palm of your hand and rub the bristles across it before you begin. Lavender, yarrow or frankincense are all especially good for the skin and add to the benefits of dry brushing. One common-sense caution: Never brush a wounded or burned area. If you have sunburn, wait for it to heal before you resume brushing.

Dry Brushing Technique

Remember to brush UP your limbs & DOWN your torso towards your heart!

Why does lymphatic body brushing matter?

Your lymph system is the largest circulatory system in your body. It’s twice as big as the arterial system that carries blood. In fact, we each have roughly three times as much lymph fluid as we do blood. Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and the lymph system hauls away toxins and waste so you can see there would be obvious benefits of dry brushing to get your lymphatic system flourishing.

Lymphatic System! Look at all those nodes!

Lymphatic System! Look at all those nodes!

In order to do its job efficiently, the lymphatic system requires movement. Muscle contraction is what moves the fluid through our bodies. Those with a sedentary lifestyle can experience a 94% decrease in the function of their individual lymph systems. Yikes!! And ewww!! That’s almost a complete system shut-down and means that you’re essentially stewing in toxins. Thankfully, a lymphatic body brushing detox is quite simple.

And speaking of movement, how about a video on lymphatic rebounding as a bonus for your detox regimen?

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already live an active lifestyle. And we hope you’re using the most powerful detoxing tool, colon hydrotherapy, regularly, too. If so, adding dry brushing is going to make you feel even better by helping your lymph system operate at 100% efficiency! (And if not? Please make an appointment to see us and then go for a walk or take a yoga class to get those toxins movin’ out!)

Reaping the Benefits of Dry Brushing

Want to know about your ROI (that’s finance-speak for Return on Investment!) for those two minutes a day with your inexpensive body brush? In addition to aiding lymphatic drainage, dry brushing benefits include:

– Stimulation of all the organs that detox your body, especially the spleen;

– Improved digestion;

– A stronger immune system;

– Stimulation of the nervous system;

– Healthier skin;

– Stimulation of hormone-producing glands;

It’s also been suggested that a lymphatic body brushing detox increases mental function. If only Wall Street could deliver these kinds of healthy returns!


To get the most from your body brush detox, please give us a call or contact us online. Colon hydrotherapy is the most powerful detox tool available and LYT provides the best colonics NYC offers. We’d love to help you get glowing!


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Five Anxiety Relief Techniques: Achieve Internal Tranquility & the Benefits of Colonics

July 2, 2013 LYT By:

Good news! This week, we’re tackling the thorny issue of anxiety and we’ve got five holistic and easy-to-implement anxiety relief techniques that work in tandem to bring you internal tranquility: the kind that looks like a floating lotus blossom and sounds like wind chimes tinkling in a summer breeze. Yes, really. That good! Whether you’re having full-blown panic attacks or just need a little help navigating the stress of a hectic life, we’re sure these tried and true anxiety relief tips will help you if you apply them. And because we’re the NYC experts in colon hydrotherapy, we’ll surely be touching on the many benefits of colonics—yes, even when it comes to anxiety!


One: Recognize that you are not your emotions.

Anxiety is a powerful emotion and it’s easy to feel dwarfed by the intensity, especially if you are having a panic attack so intense it’s difficult to breathe. But one of the most important – and effective – anxiety relief techniques we know is to remember that emotions don’t own you and you don’t own them; they’re just visitors passing through. Meditation can be an invaluable part of this process.



Two: Get physical.

In the words of Kyze’s classic house jam Stomp: “Move, jump, jack your body!” Not only should exercise be a part of your daily life, you also should move through an anxiety attack if at all possible. Go for a walk or a run, do jumping jacks, dance, or stomp your feet and flail your arms like a two year old having a temper tantrum. The point is to physically release your emotions.

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Three: Consider the benefits of colonics in your anxiety relief techniques.

Anxiety is, quite literally, a state of dis-ease, and a clear sign that you’re overwhelmed. One of the many benefits of colonics is that they clear out old waste and toxins from your body, which dramatically reduces the stress on your system. In fact, colonics will relax your intestinal nervous system and that, of course, will relax all the other systems of your body in turn.


Four: Eat right.

This is one of the best anxiety relief strategies available. Starbucks lattes can’t be a part of your daily routine if you’re struggling with an anxiety issue. Get the caffeine out of your diet, and get rid of the sugar, too. Sometimes, simply changing your diet can make a huge difference in anxiety levels. But you also should amp up your intake of fresh vegetables, particularly leafy greens which brings us back to another of the benefits of colonics: regular colon hydrotherapy will improve your digestion and help your body to absorb more of the vital nutrients that wholesome foods provide.



Five: Let go of as much as you can.

Again, anxiety is a sign that you’re overwhelmed. So a great way to help relieve yourself of your uncomfortable anxiousness is to simplify your life as much as you possibly can. There are two easy beginning steps:

  1. 1. Streamline your on-line routine so that you have chunks of time when you’re not staring at a computer or smart phone screen.
  2. 2. Clean out your closets and cabinets to create space in your home. When your environment is tranquil, you’ll experience a positive effect on your mood.



Let LYT help!

Our team of experts genuinely wants to ease and enrich your life. Our therapists provide the best colon hydrotherapy NYC has available along with other services that will help you healthfully manage stress. Please contact us to discuss natural anxiety relief techniques and let us know how we can be of service to you in any other way.


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