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Raw Food Results: Raw Food Reduces Skin Ailments, Acne, Eczema

May 1, 2012 LYT By:

Stay clean by eating your greens! Do you know that an alkaline diet is one of the natural remedies for acne? When you think about what causes acne, know that it is related to what’s going on in your gut as well as your external environment.


What Causes Acne and Skin Ailments?

Inflammation in the body, resulting from poor dietary choices and acidic cellular waste, is often what causes acne and skin ailments. Inflammation equals irritation, provoking the skin’s natural defenses to work overtime.

The (greasy) road to inflamed skin! YIPES!


Foods and Conditions That Cause Inflammation:

1.  Cooked Oils

2.  Processed White Foods: breads and pastries

3.  Dairy

 4.  Animal Protein

5.  Candida or Yeast Prone Body

6.  Emotional Stress

This is not food! This is toxicity waiting to clog your cells!


Natural Remedies for Acne:  Rock A Raw Food Diet, Watch Your Skin Heal

Alternatively, consuming a raw food diet of green juice, salads, and fresh whole foods is a natural remedy for acne because alkalinizing the body reduces inflammation. These alkaline foods will magnetize acidic waste, yeast, and other pathogenic bacteria out of your cells and deliver them to the colon for effective removal with colon hydrotherapy. Check out “Raw Food Results” for more tips on eating a raw food detox diet! 

Spinach has anti-inflammatory characteristics & reduces redness.

Colonics Are The Best Natural Remedy For Acne

Colonics and a raw food diet are the most effective natural remedies for acne, skin ailments, and eczema. By removing acidic waste matter with colon hydrotherapy with us at LYT in New York City, you can experience a reduction in inflammation and a re-balancing of hormone-regulating glands. So, colonics help the glands reduce excess sebum oil production which, when out of balance, contribute to the causes of acne and other chronic skin ailments. You’ll see it’s like having the power of magic in your own hands!

Colonics offer your skin the “double whammy”! This powerful therapy both relaxes the nervous system (making it easier to handle stress), as well as loosens the emotions stored in cells – thereby naturally helping heal skin ailments caused by emotional toxicity.

Learn more about Colon Hydrotherapy in NYC and raw food diets as part of the path to healthy and happy living.

Radiant Skin & Balanced Emotions - with a raw food detox diet & colonics!

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How To Cleanse Your Body of Environmental Toxins: Alkaline Detox Diets and Colonics

April 12, 2012 LYT By:

Did you know that learning how to cleanse your body of environmental toxins is a crucial step in reversing diseases as serious as cancer? 

Phthalates increase flexibility and durability of plastic containers and are known to cause hormone disruption & birth defects.

According to an article written by Dr. Joseph Mercola, he sites information from a report by Columbia University School of Public Health that diet and environmental toxicity cause about 95% of cancers. In our previous blog post, we explained how implementing a raw food diet coupled with regular colonics noticeably improves your overall health and physical appearance. However, we also want you to know a raw food diet and regular colonics can also help effectively remove the environmental toxins from your body that cause cancer!

The Top 3 Environmental Toxins That Cause Disease


According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, a New York Times best-selling author who helps people recover from chronic illnesses through natural methods, Americans have 400 – 800 chemicals stored primarily in the body’s fat cells. If you do not learn how to cleanse your body properly of environmental toxins, you could experience debilitating health conditions such as neurological disorders, cancer, hormonal imbalances, reproductive disorders, fatigue, headaches, allergies and/or asthma. 

Below are the most commonly occurring environmental toxins that people unknowingly consume, and why it’s important to know how to cleanse them from your body: 

1. Mercury: Mercury enters the body through dental amalgams, fish consumption, vaccinations, and contaminated-air inhalation.

2. Pesticides: Insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides coat at least 50% of non-organic food. Pesticide-laden run-off from farms can contaminate the ground water.

3. Phthalates: Often found in soft plastics including water bottles, tupperware, and plastic wrap, phthalates leach from the containers and are absorbed into the body.

BPA-Free Water Bottles From:

How To Cleanse Your Body With Raw Foods: Alkaline Detox Diet


The first step in the process of learning how to cleanse your body of environmental toxins is loosening the toxins from the tissue with a raw food alkaline detox diet. 

Toxins become embedded in your body when the positively-charged acidic waste magnetically adheres to your negatively-charged alkaline tissue. Alkaline detox diets of raw fruits and vegetables contain a negative charge that pulls the acidic toxins out of the cells and into the bloodstream for removal via your body’s elimination systems. 

Fresh-pressed, raw green vegetable juices and salads are the best way to deliver high-doses of alkalinity to your body. Chlorella, cilantro, and raw garlic are particularly good alkaline detox foods that excel at magnetizing environmental toxins from your tissue.

Chlorella Helps Cleanse & Even Prevent Toxins From Being Absorbed By Your Body


The Added Benefits of Colon Cleansing


Once the environmental toxins have been loosened with an alkaline detox diet, it is important to support the process of their removal by cleansing your body with colonics. At LYT in New York City, we believe colonics are the best way to escort environmental toxins out of your body. 

Colon cleansing benefits include more rapid healing time, relief of detox symptoms, and the prevention of re-absorption of toxins into the blood stream. Furthermore, other channels of elimination such as the liver and kidneys can become overtaxed when filtering the blood of environmental toxins – rapidly removing the toxins from your body with colon hydrotherapy will ease their burden.

Colon Hydrotherapy helps cleanse these main organs of detoxification by removing poisons more efficiently from your body.

By including regular sessions as part of your lifestyle, you can experience some of the life-changing benefits of colon cleansing: 

     – weight loss

     – glowing skin and less acne 

     – improved digestion

     – fewer chronic health problems: depression, constipation, back pain, etc.

     – stress relief

If you are looking for other ideas about how to cleanse your body, please see our informative posts on the benefits of lymphatic drainage and juice cleanses. You can also learn more about the benefits of colon cleansing by visiting our Colonics in New York City info page



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Enjoy the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage with Dry Brushing and Rebounding

March 28, 2012 LYT By:

Did you know the benefits of lymphatic drainage include keeping your immune system strong and speedily moving toxins and pathogens out of your body? It is key to understand that the lymph system only moves through motion and exercise and not on its own – so you’ve gotta shake it in order to stay healthy and clean! Dry skin brushing and rebounding are some effective and fun tools to help increase lymphatic drainage – imagine getting rid of a sore throat simply by jumping on a trampoline!

Build and maintain a strong immune system w/ dry skin brushing & rebounding!!

What Are Your Lymph Nodes?

The lymphatic system is composed of lymph, a clear fluid made of white and red blood cells, moving intracellularly to deliver nutrients and oxygen to your cells and remove waste, toxins, and other pathogens. After circulating through your cells and tissue, the lymph fluid travels through lymph capillaries and then to lymph nodes. The lymph nodes revitalize the lymph fluid with new white blood cells (lymphocytes) before sending the lymph fluid back to repeat the process. Also, the lymph nodes filter out the waste from the lymph fluid and send it into the bloodstream resulting in the best benefit of lymphatic drainage: waste exiting the body for good through the main organs of elimination, namely, the colon, skin, kidneys, and lungs.

The Lymphatic System


Where Are Your Lymph Nodes?

Do you know where your lymph nodes are? There are 500-600 bean-sized lymph nodes in your body and they are found in the neck, chest, underarms, abdomen, groin, and knees. It is important for your health to use lymphatic drainage tools and techniques wherever your lymph nodes are for maximum benefit.

A benefit of lymphatic drainage and circulation is the prevention of poor health and disease. A clogged lymph system and compromised nodes could contribute to the following ailments, which most often affect areas where your lymph nodes are found.

     * Allergies

     * Arthritis

     * Chronic Sinusitis/Tonsillitis/Ear Infections

     * Constipation

     * Eczema And Other Skin Conditions

     * Edema

     * Heart Disease

     * Gum Disease/Halitosis

     * Lupus

     * Multiple Sclerosis

     * Obesity

     * Puffy Eyes

     * Repetitive Parasitic Infections

     * Yeast Infections

The Lymphatic System & Location Of Lymph Nodes

Tools for Reaping the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

1.  Dry Skin Brushing: Brushing your skin with a stiff bristle dry brush (always toward your heart) before taking a shower is a great way to move your lymph fluid and receive lymphatic drainage benefits. Brush your skin with two quick long strokes up your limbs and down your torso, always moving toward your heart. Make sure to brush gently on sensitive skin areas. Also, you can brush your skin more firmly behind your knees, inner thighs, and underarms where your lymph nodes are located. 

We recommend the Tampico dry skin brush from Yerba Prima! Get your lymph flowing!


2.  Rebounding: Have fun by jumping at least 10 minutes a day on a Cellerciser mini-trampoline for lymphatic drainage benefits! The bouncing motion increases the circulation of lymph fluid through the tissue and nodes, which means more efficient waste removal. 

We LOVE and Recommend the Cellerciser from Dave Hall! Get your groove on while flushing that lymph!

Colonics Aid In Expediting Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

When the lymph system is sluggish and backed up with waste, you will hasten the benefits of lymphatic drainage by coupling the dry brushing and rebounding with colonics, which will accelerate the removal of waste accumulated in the bloodstream. The more quickly you remove waste from the body, the more rapidly you unburden your lymph system and recover. At LYT, here in buzzing New York City, we believe that colonics are the best and most efficient waste removal therapy available!


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Reduce Dairy, Reduce Allergies! Natural Allergy Remedies:

March 21, 2012 LYT By:

One of the best natural remedies for allergies isn’t taking a supplement or using a special humidifier, but is simply putting down the cheese platter! More specifically, dairy allergy symptoms in adults such as intestinal discomfort, hay fever, asthma, and watery/itchy eyes, are reduced or even eliminated by lessening and/or ceasing dairy consumption all together! If you take out the dairy, the allergic reaction ceases. Consequently, these symptoms can vanish making abstaining from dairy the best natural allergy remedy you may never eat!


4 Common Dairy Allergy Symptoms in Adults


    * Intestinal Discomfort: Bloating, cramping, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting

    * Hay Fever: Congestion, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, watery eyes

    * Asthma: Wheezing, Bronchitis, difficulty breathing

    * Hives: Itchy, red skin welts appearing anywhere on the body


For those who suffer with sinus allergies, A Neti Pot is a very effective way to clear the sinus passage! 

Why Does Dairy Cause Allergies?

The sensitive immune systems of adults with dairy allergies attack the cow dairy proteins casein (in milk’s curd) and whey (in milk’s liquid) immediately after the individual ingests milk. The antibody immunoglobulin E is instantly activated by the immune system and subsequently, these antibodies trigger a histamine release. This histamine is what creates inflammation in the body, such as inflaming the lungs generating hay fever and asthma symptoms, resulting in the 4 dairy allergy symptoms common to adults.


Eat Your Delicious Natural Allergy Remedy with Dairy Alternatives

There’s no need to cry over spilled cow’s milk when there are a variety of non-dairy delicious and widely available healthy options!  Almond, hemp, and rice milk are fantastic substitutes for (cow’s) milk and can be used in raw food detox diet smoothies and desserts. Use food as your natural remedy for allergies by roasting vegetables with coconut oil instead of butter and alternatively spreading coconut butter on top of warm sprouted grain toast. For cheese lovers, savory spreads such as raw cashew and hemp seed cheese, check out Dr. Cow’s brand, and guacamole are delicious dairy-free options. And if you typically use cheese in your sandwich, you can substitute thick slices of avocado on crunchy sprouted grain toast packed with juicy red peppers and sunflower sprouts for added flavor and texture! 



Nutritional Yeast is a delicious way to enjoy the flavor of parmesan without the congestion from dairy! Sprinkle on: Salads, vegetables, and grains! 

Ya didn’t think we‘d leave out a dessert option, did ya? 

Colonics Assist in the Effective Natural Remedy for Allergies

If you’re experiencing any of these dairy allergy symptoms common to adults, reducing or eliminating dairy coupled with regular colonics will serve as one of the most effective natural remedies for your allergies! Colonics profoundly address the healing of your intestinal discomfort. Furthermore, colonics coupled with alkalizing vegetable juices and enzyme-packed leafy salads help heal inflammation in the body, such as that triggered by a histamine release. If you’re struggling with reducing your dairy consumption, colonics help eradicate cravings for food our body falls ill from and our experienced LYT therapists can work with you to find alternative meal options. Even if you’ve eliminated most or all dairy from your diet, colonics at LYT will help remove that latent cow’s milk residue lodged in your cells and intestine and therefore most efficiently help cleanse your body of this irritating, allergy instigator.

Feel the ease in your respiratory system with less dairy in your diet!


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Spring Ahead! With Feng Shui Design & Health Inspirations

March 15, 2012 LYT By:

Improve Chi Energy Flow In Your Home and Body

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of using elemental energy and color in an environment to generate health, fortune, and great Qi (also known as “Chi”) flow. You can begin improving your home with feng shui today by applying the simple fundamentals of decluttering, arranging furniture, and choosing the right feng shui colors. Then, take the next step to improve your health with feng shui-friendly acupuncture or colonics!

Qi is the vital life force and energy that sustains and connects all living beings. A feng shui environment affects your subtle energy body, enabling you to cultivate strong Qi, which will bring abundance to your life.


A clutter free environment is crucial for attracting good Qi to maintain our personal health as well as for building a successful business!


Feng Shui Design on a Dime – Great Chi in 3 Easy Steps

Consciousness is not expensive. You can design on a dime by following a few steps to incorporate feng shui design in your home environment.

Step 1: De-Clutter

Remove what you don’t need. Everything has energy. When you get rid of unwanted or unnecessary possessions, you remove “stuck” Qi in your home, which is blocking the flow in your life. Donate useable items and consign clothes that don’t fit! By getting rid of this stale Qi, good Qi will flow into your life and offer you more abundance in the form of a new job, more money, or even a much cuter pair of shoes!

De-clutter the "garbage" and notice how a clean & organized home affects your breathing and reduces anxiety! Exhale & say ahhhh!

Step 2: Rearrange

Arrange furniture you already have to maximize the easy flow of Qi – the ultimate design on a dime solution! Consider how Chi flows like a river. Using your natural intuition, arrange your furniture so energy flows through any open door and gracefully through your home. Relocate any blockage-forming furniture, clear the floors, and remove tables and chairs crammed into corners or against closets.


Step 3: Use Feng Shui Colors to Enhance and Balance Your Environment.

Incorporate feng shui colors that will create strong Qi. Each feng shui color corresponds to one of five elements, and has a corresponding affect on the areas in your life.

     * Fire (reds, oranges) = Achievement

     * Earth (sand tones) = Balanced Relationships

     * Metal (grays) = Clarity

     * Water (blues) = Calmness

     * Wood (browns, greens) = Health and Wealth

You can incorporate feng shui design for less by using artwork, accessories, and fabric you already have or create collages out of colorful magazine pictures. It’s advisable to anchor specific feng shui colors within your environment (choose 1-2 elements per area).

Cherry Blossoms in antique bottles are a simple inexpensive accessory that will add color and life to any room!

Framing favorite postcards or stationery is an inexpensive way to create wall art. Add a splash of color to your room with a painted accent wall! Accessorize with bright contrasting elements for impact!

For Your Body: Feng Shui Health with Acupuncture

The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture can help you cultivate and sustain the life force in your body with feng shui health principles. Qi flows through your body via energy passageways called “meridians” – the same way it flows through your home’s hallways. When the flow along a meridian is blocked or disrupted, imbalances develop, and eventually present as a physical symptom or illness.

Acupuncture is a kind of feng shui health practice that can assist the body in recovering from numerous symptoms and ailments such as migraines, hormonal imbalances, infertility, insomnia, and stress. LYT’s Acupuncturist, Jennifer Taveras, L.Ac is an expert in helping your body maintain its vibrant Qi flow!

Imagine this bamboo pathway represents a meridian in your body. When we are free of blockages, we allow our Qi to flow freely!

Improve Chi Energy In Your “Home” – A.K.A. Your Body!

Combine the feng shui health practices of acupuncture and colonics at LYT to keep your insides clutter-free and the chi flowing. Prepare your body for the abundance of spring!

Watch your radiance bloom from the inside out! Let LYT's therapists support you as you unearth your healthy body, mind, and sprit!


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SUGAR ADDICTION: How To Stop Sugar Cravings With A Raw Food Detox Diet

March 1, 2012 LYT By:

Figuring out how to stop sugar cravings may seem like an impossible task but with guidance and knowledge you can reach your goals. The reason a raw food detox diet helps is simple. (And by the way, you don’t have to live 100% raw to get the benefits.) A raw food detox diet allows your body to heal from eating patterns and addictions as well as soothes your nervous system.

Imagine that you are an athlete and your game has been compromised. You would seek the assistance of a coach to help change the pattern or weakness thus improving your game. In this case, your frazzled nervous system throws your game off. A raw food detox diet is the coach that helps you become very aware of your habits, supports a change in them, and develops a better game plan for you. 

How to Stop Sugar Cravings And Heal Your Nervous System 

Your adrenal glands are located on top of your kidneys and secrete the hormones epinephrine and adrenaline. These hormones function heavily in the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates that are contained in most sweets. When we consume an abundance of foods containing refined sugar, the adrenals have to work overtime to best metabolize these unfavorable food combinations. This excessive work on the adrenal glands’ part is exhausting, leaving us too depleted to handle even the minimal stresses of life. This is when the rage and exhaustion take over and the nervous system behaves like a nervous Nelly. You may feel additional levels of:

* Panic

* Anxiety

* Weakness/Inability To Find And Maintain Your Stamina

* Pain

* Exhaustion

Conquering sugar cravings means rehabilitating your body. You have to cease the input of the poisons it demands. This is where a LYT therapist can be of support. Our food combining chart will get you started!


Sugar Cravings: Other Causes? 

Everyone’s body is different. The following underlying issues may contribute to your cravings: 

1. Candida – This is a yeast that grows within the intestinal environment due to an imbalance in your flora, fermentation from poor eating choices, and irregular bowel movements. Remember, mold, fungus, and yeast can not thrive in a clean and balanced environment.

2. Sugar Addiction in the Brain – Sugar activates the same receptors that are activated by morphine and heroin. Get it!! 

3. Emotional Stress Leads To Craving Sugar Eating sugar can give us temporary “pleasure” to hide any emotional pain.

Don't let a one ounce taste bud overrule your good sense!

Raw Food Detox + LYT Colonics NYC = A Rehabilitated Body! 

So you’ve read this and you are considering cleaning up your act but you feel overwhelmed with this information and the food combining chart. No worries, one step at a time. Raw foods will begin the cleansing process by loosening waste and the residue from your old eating habits. Guess what? If you are not releasing these loosened demons they will run amuck throughout your bloodstream creating all kinds of detox symptoms like, fatigue, acne, rashes, etc. This is where colon hydrotherapy, can assist in your detox of sugar cravings. Further support and results will come with the integration of the raw food detox diet. As you cleanse your body of poisonous waste, you will crave foods from a nutrient perspective, not an addictive perspective. People find themselves naturally craving juices and salads instead of jellybeans and Snickers! Voila! You’ve rehabilitated yourself!! 

Enjoy your new cravings for nutrient dense foods!

Sugar Addiction Support 

We understand that these kinds of changes require educated guidance, compassion, and support. This is what separates LYT form the rest. We have guided thousands in their journey from addiction and chronic symptoms and emotional crisis towards balance, peace, and empowerment. LYT offers comprehensive services to support your goals: Acupuncture, Spiritual/Emotional Coaching, and Nutritional Guidance. Stay tuned for future blogs! 




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New Year’s Weight Loss Choices: Cellular Detox

January 15, 2012 LYT By:

Contemplating Your New Year’s Weight Loss Choices? Think outside the box!

While most of you are probably approaching your New Year’s weight loss goals by controlling portions and calculating fat grams and calories, we would like to draw your attention to the most effective key to weight loss: CELLULAR DETOX!

It’s the truth: Excess cellular waste = excess weight.

Cells Are The Foundation Of Life

Our bodies are one big universe compiled of trillions of cells, and each cell plays a role in our existence. Cells cluster together to form the foundation of our many biological expressions.

If Your Cells Expand – So Will You!

We consume food, extract nutrition and sustenance, and expel the waste that results from the process of extracting fuel. This process is happening in each individual cell. Our cells accumulate excess sludge, waste, and gas when we eat gobs of starch, dairy, protein, and processed foods, which contain little to no nutrition. Cells expand to accommodate the extra waste and gas, and our waistlines expand accordingly.

Contracted Cells = Weight Loss

A cell that has the opportunity to rid itself of waste will contract and regenerate. Contraction on the cellular level results in happier, oxygenated cells and a slimmer, healthier you!

2012 Health & Diet Goals: Loosen AND Remove!

As you are deciding where to start with your New Year’s weight loss process, we suggest you start with RAW FOODS.  Imagine that the oils left in a frying pan after many uses represent the waste/residue in your cells. Raw foods and fresh vegetable juices are your degreasers! These foods are alkaline in nature and they will neutralize the acidic waste as they prepare it for removal.

A Few Tips For Achieving Your 2012 Health & Diet Goals:

1. Drink Water – To help your system flush out toxins.

2. Drink Fresh Veggie Juice – It is highly nutritious, alkaline, and cleansing.

3. Eat Salads Before Your Cooked Meals – It will set you up for good digestion.

The Keys To Achieving Your New Year’s Weight Loss Goals:

1. Cellular Detox = Weight Loss

2. Raw Foods = Healthier More Vibrant Cells

3. More Vibrant Cells = Good Health, A Trimmer Body, Clear Thinking, & Greater Energy To Live Your Life

*Stay tuned for our next blog to continue your raw food education, and take a look at our Colon Hydrotherapy page to learn more about detox.

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Overcoming Underactive Thyroid – How Julia Samersova Got Off Synthroid

December 30, 2011 LYT By:

Hypothyroid Symptoms & The New Wellness Trend

When it comes to hypothyroidism and prescription medication, most people believe they must be chained to their bottle of pills for a lifetime. This trend is changing though, as many people, fed up with the side-effects of underactive thyroid pharmaceuticals, are now considering holistic measures which can provide them with healthier options and superior long-term results!

This new holistic lifestyle trend is exactly the case with LYT client, Julia Samersova, 36, Co-Star of “Scouted” on E!, Casting Director & President of Cast Inc. and one very proud Mom to Violet, who experienced hypothyroidism symptoms after the birth of her daughter – including a FIFTY-POUND weight gain during pregnancy! Subsequently, she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and placed immediately on Synthroid. Check out her video here!

No More Synthroid Meds!

Julia’s story about how she reversed her underactive thyroid condition and was able to successfully transition completely away from Synthroid speaks volumes of her fervor for inner strength and exemplifies the LYTStyle Formula!

Holistic Treatments + Transitional Lifestyle Changes = Emotional, Spiritual, & Physical Well Being

Hypothyroidism Fades To Black

Julia’s astounding SIXTY-pound weight loss over the course of ten-months will amaze you (& she’s still workin’ it)! We are motivated and impassioned watching her tell her story straight from the heart – as well as with a bit of sass from the hip! She is beautiful, living-proof that your best ally is your heart’s conviction. Julia reversed her hypothyroid symptoms in just ten months! Sayonara Synthroid! What rewards from healthy lifestyle changes await you?  LYT is just a phone call away! Detox Rocks®!

Julia Before

Julia After

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What Is A Colonic?

December 9, 2011 LYT By:

What Is A Colonic?

Simply put, a colonic is a bath for your colon. Also known as Colon Hydrotherapy, a colonic employs the use of filtered water (implemented through the rectum) to gently wash accumulated solid and gaseous waste out of the colon. The removal of this waste significantly improves your body’s overall function, elevates your physical and mental health, and reverses various diseases!

Why Gravity Method & Not a Machine?

At LYT we work with the Woods Gravity Method of Colon Hydrotherapy because we believe in the comfort and gentle power of Gravity Colon Hydrotherapy. This is the original method of Colon Hydrotherapy. In a Gravity Treatment, the water prompts the colon’s peristalsis to activate, strengthening this five-foot-long muscle, and yielding improved bowel function in the days and even years ahead! This is why Colonics Rock® at LYT NYC!

What Happens In The Colonic Treatment?

1. You are lying down on a massage table in one of our spa-like treatment rooms. You will be covered with a drape sheet for privacy.

2. There is a 5-gallon tank of water suspended 3 feet above your body that will be filled several times during the session.

3. As the water enters your body it will simultaneously exit, thus allowing you to feel an emphasis on the exit rather than the input of water.

4. Your elimination is contained in a closed tube.

The Colonic Instrument

1. The stainless steel instrument, which is lubricated and gently inserted to the rectum, is called a speculum.

2. It is completely sterilized via a three-step process.

3. Two separate surgical tubing attachments, made of firm rubber material, convey water into the body and carry water and waste out of the body directly into the plumbing. This tubing is changed after each client’s colonic.

Your Colon Hydrotherapist: What Makes LYT NYC Colon Hydrotherapy Unique?

The LYT Colon Therapists are certified at the Woods Hygienic Institute. The LYT Method of Colon Hydrotherapy includes an additional two-month Advanced Training with supervised, hands-on clinic hours supervised by the LYT Founders, Cyndie & Joyce.

Your therapist is trained to connect with your body’s rhythm throughout the colonic treatment via abdominal massage and a gentle manual pulsing of the tube that carries the water out of your body.

Your therapist will gladly answer any questions you have and share knowledge about food combining, vegetable juicing, exercise, and lifestyle practices that will help improve your overall health and suit your personal goals.

All the LYT therapists share a common bond: they were ALL clients at LYT first! Their decision to pursue certification came naturally after being deeply moved by their own transformations.

The therapists who work here are all practicing the lifestyle. They will inspire you to reveal your own most extraordinary health potential with pleasure and simplicity.

We hope this has answered the question: What is a colonic? And for all you Grand Master Cleansers, if you’re curious how to colonic NYC-style, check us out at LYT for the real deal when it comes to greater well-being, beauty, and longevity!

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Juice Cleanses: Are You Really Detoxing?

November 1, 2011 LYT By:

Detox! Detox! Detox!

In record numbers, people are going on juice fasts for the purpose of cleansing.  Okay, we didn’t take a survey, but it’s hard to deny that detoxing is all the rage. From health and beauty magazines touting the cleanses of celebrities like, Gwyneth Paltrow or Beyonce, to fresh green juice companies sprouting up everywhere, we have to face facts. Juice cleansing is more than a fad, it’s gone mainstream.

While getting the detox message out is good news, (especially to the world of Standard American Dieters), it seems an important truth about the cleansing process is getting lost in all the hoopla. And here at LYT, we find that a little troubling. So, since we have a bit of expertise on this subject, we want to take a quick, closer look at juice cleanses and detoxing.

Detox 101: Just the facts, folks!

Let’s say you went on one of the increasingly popular three to five-day cleanses promoted by many juice companies.  What’s the deal? Did you really detox? Well, the answer is….


Now, we know some of you might be angry.  “You’re telling me, I drank vegetables for five days for nothing?” Sorry to break it to you, but going on a juice fast alone does not guarantee ACTUAL detoxification will take place. Why?

Waste Removal: The Detox Guarantee

Take a look at the dictionary definition. “Detoxification: the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism.” The key word here is removal.  Something HAS to leave the body for de-toxing to take place. We repeat, HAS to leave the body.

What juice fasting accomplishes is simply the loosening of waste and poisons. And guess where that toxic gunk ends up? Yes, the colon. But, now that nasty stuff has to be eliminated or it will get reabsorbed into the tissue. So, unless you’re going to the bathroom an inordinate amount of times a day, doing a cleanse without colon hydrotherapy is not a sound idea. This is why people who fast without colonics frequently feel awful. The loosened poison is not leaving the body, so it’s swimming around their systems wreaking havoc.


Detox Cleansing: The Two-Step

So, if you’re thinking of doing a juice cleanse, the most important thing to know is that detox cleansing is a 2-part process:

1. Loosen the waste

2. Eliminate the waste

So, please remember, all you would be Detoxers. When embarking on a cleanse or as part of a lifestyle plan, always focus on this vital second step. And be sure to give us a call, because we’ve been doing colonics in New York City for over a combined 25 years.  At LYT, Colonics Rock® and waste management is our specialty.

Never forget, waste removal is the key to effective cleansing, without it, you’re just drinking juice.

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