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Natural Acne Treatments That Work: Acupuncture in NYC

July 11, 2012 LYT By:

Natural acne treatments are effective and have benefits that go beyond clearing the skin of troublesome spots. Your skin is a reflection of the health of your internal organs and blood chemistry. Consequently, natural acupuncture treatments can help reverse skin ailments such as acne, a symptom that does not occur in isolation. 

A Natural Acne Treatment: Look Beneath The Surface 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, acne is considered a result of accumulated heat or dampness in the body being released through the skin as pimples or cysts. Natural acne treatments such as acupuncture assist in the healthy function of internal organs, which are connected to channels or meridians beneath the skin’s surface. The organs specifically involved with acne are the lungs, stomach, and spleen. 

  • Lungs: The lungs regulate the opening and closing of the pores, determining how heat leaves the body. Imbalances in the lung meridian cause heat to build, and it must exit through the skin as acne or eczema. 
  • Stomach: The stomach naturally tends to be warm, which is essential for the digestion of food.  However, excessive heat in the stomach can manifest as acne along the stomach channel, which covers the chest and face.  
  • Spleen: The spleen participates in digestion and helps to manage dampness.  If the spleen is not working well, dampness can accumulate and lead to oily skin and acne.    

Naturally helpful acupuncture treatments can go a long way in helping these organs regulate your skin’s health.


What Are The Other Causes Of Acne?

  • Stress: Environmental and emotional. 
  • Poor Food Choices: The consumption of dairy, processed food, fried food, and cooked oils. 
  • Accumulated Waste: The skin is one of four organs of elimination for metabolic waste (along with the lungs, kidneys, and colon). If your other channels are not functioning, acne will develop as a symptom. Find out more about how lifestyles can cause acne, and other cleansing natural remedies for acne


The Natural Approach to Acne Treatment: See The Big Picture

Acupuncture is a natural acne treatment that works because it considers your whole body and lifestyle, not only what is happening on the surface! Read more about acupuncture treatments at LYT NYC HERE 


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Take Charge With Alternative Migraine Treatments

July 6, 2012 LYT By:

Do you suffer from migraines? We’re here to help you take charge with an alternative migraine treatment. Craniosacral massage therapy is a very beneficial and relaxing migraine treatment massage at LYTNYC!

Migraine Treatment Massage 

Craniosacral therapy is a biomechanical adjustment of energy flow that is achieved by relaxing the fascia of the vertebrae and cranial bones. This therapy can be performed as a migraine treatment massage and is wonderful for reducing and helping your body to virtually dispel migraines. Now let’s get to the “boney” details!


What Can Cause Migraines?

1. Disruption in our autonomic nervous system: vehicular accidents, falling, sports collisions, etc.

2. Stress and tension

3. Restriction of cranial bones or restriction of bones in other areas of our body


How Does Craniosacral Massage Therapy Work?

During a massage for migraine treatment at LYT, you will lie clothed on a massage table while our therapist, Jennifer Taveras, L.Ac., applies very gentle yet specific manual pressure to various points along your skull, face, neck, spine, and possibly even your diaphragm to evaluate your breathing and movement of the cerebral spinal fluid. Read her personal story with craniosacral therapy here.


Subtle Massage Treatment Relieves Stress!

You may recall from our post on stress management techniques that craniosacral massage therapy can help correct the imbalances in the cerebrospinal fluid, thus reducing stress. It’s akin to meditation, focusing on breathing to assist a quieting of the mind.


Craniosacral massage therapy is an alternative migraine treatment that helps to re-establish harmony between the brain and spinal cord by imparting an ease of motion and rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid that pulses around them. Then, like waves in the ocean, a ripple effect signals the surrounding bones to release any tension that may reside in your forehead’s frontal bones.

In addition to experiencing relief from migraine pain, people often comment on how blissful they feel immediately following this deep and therapeutic alternative migraine treatment! Call us or contact us to learn more about how craniosacral massage therapy can help alleviate your migraine pain.


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