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The Dangers of Laxatives & Why You Should Consider a Colon Cleanse

April 29, 2013 LYT By:

Don’t Be Lax About Laxatives! Want to know why we’re diving into a topic as potentially uncomfortable as the dangers of laxatives this week? Four words: We care about you! Please know that even mild laxatives are not meant for frequent use. In the United States alone, consumers spend more than $700 million on laxatives each year. Before you add to that number, here are some things you should know.

There's nothing LOVABLE about LAXATIVES!

There’s nothing LOVABLE about LAXATIVES!

3 Common Dangers of Laxatives

Before you commit to buying them, you should know the dangers of laxatives. Laxatives can cause:

• Diarrhea

• Nausea

• Severe

• Cramping

• Vomiting


Your body reacts to laxatives as it does to any other toxin you might ingest; red alarms go off to alert to the presence of something that shouldn’t be there, and your body attempts to purge itself of the offending substance. And, just as dehydration can occur when your system is trying to rid itself of rotten food or the invaders that cause the flu, you can easily dehydrate after taking a laxative.


Another major danger of laxatives is that they are easy to misuse. The Catch-22 is built right in: you use laxatives because you want to restore normal bowel function; but if you’re reaching for a laxative, you’ve already lost normal bowel function, and probably don’t know – or have forgotten – what it looks and feels like to have a healthy movement. If you’re not eliminating well, there is a dietetic or neurological issue that no laxative can solve. You need to look at your diet and ensure you’re getting lots of fresh, nutrient-dense food. Then take steps to rehabilitate your colon; try working with a skilled colon hydrotherapist like the ones here at LYT.

Laxatives can be addictive. Yet another danger inherent to laxative use is the fact that these products can be physically addictive, in the sense that your body can become so dependent on them that it won’t be able to produce a bowel movement without them.


Colon Cleanse vs. Laxatives

There IS a better way! Enter the game-changer, Colonic NYC, LYT’s healthy superhero. (Only, you know, without the snappy cape and boots.) A colonic addresses the same problems laxatives claim to address, but without the inherent dangers of laxatives. Still wondering why colon cleanse vs. laxatives?


Colonics cleanse the system, while laxatives do not. A colonic bathes the colon with pure water, loosening and gently removing accumulated material.


Colonics strengthen what laxatives weaken. Colonics actually strengthen and condition the colon. A trained colon hydrotherapist is like a personal trainer for your colon. The peristaltic muscles so necessary for a healthy bowel movement gets stronger with every colonic you have.

Colonics encourage healing. With colonics added to your health regimen, your body’s capacity to heal will astound you. Colonics are a great way to assist the process since they improve your immune system.


In the colon cleanse vs. laxatives debate, colonics are always the clear winner, with so many real health benefits and none of the dangers of laxatives. To get the most from a colon cleanse, we always encourage our clients to check out our Colonics Rock page and remember, our team of experts in NYC is always available to answer your questions.  



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