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How to Know if You’re Suffering Form an Impacted Bowel: Treatment Might be Right for You

May 28, 2013 LYT By:

Symptoms that May Signify an Impacted Bowel

Are you suffering from an impacted bowel? Wonder what is a normal bowel movement? Well, if you’re constipated and experiencing any of the following: cramping, a bloated or distended abdomen, a sense of fullness (even after elimination), diarrhea, or bad breath, you may have hardened fecal matter in your colon and be suffering from an impacted bowel. Treatment might be the solution to return back to healthy and normal bowel movements.


Impacted bowel syndrome is actually quite common. Stool hardens in the colon and can’t be moved out, no matter how your body strains to push it out. Everything backs up behind it and your body is flooded with toxins as a result. The problem is caused by diets that are rich in starch and protein (especially animal protein), not drinking enough water, lack of exercise, and stress. Certain medications and heredity also can be contributing factors. But knowing that it’s common is no consolation when you’re in the throes of discomfort an impacted bowel can cause.


If you’re suffering from any of the preceding symptoms, you should highly consider impacted bowel treatment through colonic irrigation. NYC’s LYT can help in getting you back to normal bowel movements.

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Don’t Suffer in Silence, Seek Treatment

At LYT, we often see clients suffering from an impacted bowel. We help them to get immediate relief with regular colonic irrigation treatments. Then we help each client gain an understanding of their body by answering the question “What is a normal bowel movement?” Our professionals will work with you to develop a program to help avoid future problems. 

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Colonic irrigation provides immediate and long-term relief to those suffering from an impacted bowel Treatment starts by softening the hardened stool so that it can be flushed away. A colonic also helps to strengthen the peristaltic muscles of the colon so that future bowel movements will be easier. Regular treatments can eliminate chronic constipation, aid overall digestion, strengthen the immune system and improve circulation. Along with diet and exercise – and our experts will help with that – colonic irrigation treatment is your first line of defense if you’re suffering from an impacted bowel.


What Is a Normal Bowel Movement?

We know that constipation and impacted bowels aren’t normal, but what is a normal bowel movement? Many experts believe that you should eliminate within 20 minutes of each meal. In other words, three bowel movements each day.  The stool should be thick, moist, easy to pass, and come out in one, long piece. Many of our clients tell us that prior to regular colonic irrigation, they couldn’t remember ever having produced healthy stool!


C’mon, Get Happy!

Suffering from an impacted bowel is uncomfortable, toxic for every organ in your body, and completely unnecessary. Gentle colon hydrotherapy will relieve your symptoms and put you on the road to your best health ever. Please call us today and make an appointment for the best colonic irrigation NYC has to offer. We’ll work with you to get your colon in tip-top form, and transform pain to pleasure.

Note: If your symptoms are so severe that you can’t sit or stand, are accompanied by fever, or if you experience rectal bleeding, seek medical attention immediately.

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