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Improving Your Immune System Through Colonics

August 10, 2013 LYT By:

If you think that improving your immune system through colonics isn’t a topic you need to read about, consider this: there are more than 84,000 chemicals in the products we commonly use, and only about 1% of these has been tested for safety. Yes. You read that right. One percent. These chemicals are in the products we use, the water we drink, the air we breathe. Your body has the daunting task of figuring out for itself which of those not-yet-tested substances may be harmful. So even if your medicine cabinet holds nothing but essential oils, even if your diet is so clean that you squeak when you walk, your immune system could still be overwhelmed from exposure to toxins in the environment. But we’re here to discuss the relationship between colonics and immunity and to reveal this not-so-secret – but widely underused – weapon to get you, or keep you, in the best health of your life.


Colonics and Immunity

Let’s get straight to the point: if you’re serious about improving your immune system so that it works at an optimum level, you need to consider the relationship between colonics and immunity. Here’s why: about 70 to 80 percent of the system that governs your body’s ability to fight disease – from common allergies to the flu to diabetes to cancer – resides in your digestive tract, and more than five feet of that tract is comprised of your colon. When you improve the health of your colon, your immune system – and every other system of your body – benefits.


What does the colon do?

So, we’d like to dig a little deeper into the topic of colonics and immunity. You may have heard it said that if your body were a city, your colon would be the sewer system. But your body is not a city, and your colon is so much more than a sewer system. Besides eliminating solid waste, the colon does so much more:



• It uses the foods you eat to manufacture some of the vitamins you need, including Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin K

• It absorbs and distributes nutrients to your body that the small intestine didn’t catch

• It helps keep you hydrated

• It blocks the absorption of toxins and keeps them from going into the bloodstream.

In short, your colon works 24/7 to protect you in myriad ways. And in the modern-day world, it is stressed out with the magnitude of the task.

Wow! How can I help my colon help me?

Improving the health of your colon and improving your immune system go hand in hand. All of the things you do to support your overall health will help to keep your colon in peak fighting form.

• Eat a healthy, plant-based diet with LOTS of leafy greens

• Keep yourself well hydrated

• Exercise regularly

Meditate to help manage stress 

• Make colon hydrotherapy part of your self-care routine.

Step Into the LYT!!

The most compelling way we know to convince folks of the link between colonics and immunity is for them to experience the benefits first-hand. While we’ve worked with clients who have cured themselves of serious, chronic diseases, a more common example is that many of our clients notice that they escape from winter colds, and have far fewer problems with seasonal allergies when they see us regularly.

So, how can we help you? We’re proud to say that the best colon hydrotherapy NYC has available is here at LYT. We’d love to answer any questions you may have or help you make an appointment. You can contact us by phone or e-mail.


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