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New Year’s Weight Loss Choices: Cellular Detox

January 15, 2012 LYT By:

Contemplating Your New Year’s Weight Loss Choices? Think outside the box!

While most of you are probably approaching your New Year’s weight loss goals by controlling portions and calculating fat grams and calories, we would like to draw your attention to the most effective key to weight loss: CELLULAR DETOX!

It’s the truth: Excess cellular waste = excess weight.

Cells Are The Foundation Of Life

Our bodies are one big universe compiled of trillions of cells, and each cell plays a role in our existence. Cells cluster together to form the foundation of our many biological expressions.

If Your Cells Expand – So Will You!

We consume food, extract nutrition and sustenance, and expel the waste that results from the process of extracting fuel. This process is happening in each individual cell. Our cells accumulate excess sludge, waste, and gas when we eat gobs of starch, dairy, protein, and processed foods, which contain little to no nutrition. Cells expand to accommodate the extra waste and gas, and our waistlines expand accordingly.

Contracted Cells = Weight Loss

A cell that has the opportunity to rid itself of waste will contract and regenerate. Contraction on the cellular level results in happier, oxygenated cells and a slimmer, healthier you!

2012 Health & Diet Goals: Loosen AND Remove!

As you are deciding where to start with your New Year’s weight loss process, we suggest you start with RAW FOODS.  Imagine that the oils left in a frying pan after many uses represent the waste/residue in your cells. Raw foods and fresh vegetable juices are your degreasers! These foods are alkaline in nature and they will neutralize the acidic waste as they prepare it for removal.

A Few Tips For Achieving Your 2012 Health & Diet Goals:

1. Drink Water – To help your system flush out toxins.

2. Drink Fresh Veggie Juice – It is highly nutritious, alkaline, and cleansing.

3. Eat Salads Before Your Cooked Meals – It will set you up for good digestion.

The Keys To Achieving Your New Year’s Weight Loss Goals:

1. Cellular Detox = Weight Loss

2. Raw Foods = Healthier More Vibrant Cells

3. More Vibrant Cells = Good Health, A Trimmer Body, Clear Thinking, & Greater Energy To Live Your Life

*Stay tuned for our next blog to continue your raw food education, and take a look at our Colon Hydrotherapy page to learn more about detox.

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