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B.E.S.T and the Six Essential Areas

Pain has a purpose

Pain is your body’s alarm system, alerting you that something is wrong. Pain triggers the body to start the healing process. Pain from accidents or injuries – a cut, broken bone, torn cartilage, dislocated joint, or other physical injury is not bad. This pain helps to direct healing energy to the area in your body where it is needed most.

The fastest way for your body to stop hurting is to balance the energy fields. This will allow you to repair and rebuild your damaged, painful condition. If you are not experiencing acute pain or trauma, B.E.S.T. can support your body to function much more efficiently and help maintain balance.

Emotions and thoughts play a big role in your health

Think about something that you really hate or someone that really bothers you. It is actually possible to increase your heart rate, tense up your muscles, bring on a headache, or make you sick to your stomach by thinking about it!

Or try this: Think about a bright yellow lemon. See it in your mind’s eye. See the yellow skin. Now, picture cutting it with a knife right down the middle. Then squeeze it into a spoon. Now, slowly place the spoon of lemon juice into your mouth on top of your tongue and swallow it! Can you see how what you think can actually change your bodily function? Did you swallow from the sour juice?

Your thinking (mental stress) can change the way your body functions. The change can be either positive or negative depending on your thoughts. What you think is probably the most important factor regarding your overall health.

Your body was designed to survive

It is important to understand that everything the body does is for the sole purpose of survival right now. It is designed to survive in your current state, and it deals with these conditions by responding to the greatest threat to survival first.

You may feel terrible, but your body is doing the best it can under the circumstances that you provide for it. If something is not done to address what is creating stress, your body keeps responding over and over until systems and functions become exhausted. That is when you develop symptoms like pain or disease.

Your Choices Matter

The choices you make in Six Essential Areas determine whether you follow a lifestyle that results in permanent good health or one that can lead to an unbalanced system.

The six essential areas and guidelines to help you make healthful choices are:

  1. What you eat
    You diet should consist approximately 75% fruits and vegetables. This keeps your body alkaline (it’s natural state) instead of acidic, and helps prevent injury and disease.

  2. What you drink
    Avoid stimulants such as coffee and alcohol. Drink fresh pressed vegetable juices and pure water.

  3. How you exercise
    Get 30 minutes of whole body exercise 3 times a week. Help your body stay flexible. You’ll be surprised at how good it feels and how the tendency to suffer injuries is reduced.

  4. How you rest
    Good sleep every night is essential t your body’s ability to heal and recharge itself. Avoid stimulants and heavy meals before you go to sleep.

  5. What you breathe
    Clean, smoke-free air is also essential to permanent good health. If you can smell the air you breathe, it is probably not healthy.

  6. What you think
    Stress can be a killer. It also can cause your muscles to tighten up to the point that injuries and pain become more likely. Find ways to think calming thoughts, at home and at work. It pays big dividends in good health!

Take it one step at a time

Changes in the choices that we make in the Six Essential Areas must happen gradually. The nutritional changes can often be the most uncomfortable, and the thinking changes the most difficult. Take your time, and ask for help! For nutritional stress we recommend natural, whole food supplementation to help you. Nature has the ability to put things together in ways that seem to be the most beneficial to our bodies. Should you have problems with gas, indigestion, or bowels be sure to mention this to your B.E.S.T. practitioner. We have more information on making better choices in these Six Essential Areas, and how to make these changes easy and healthy!