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Chinese Herbal Consultation

Chinese Medicine has many branches or tools that are used to bring your body into equilibrium. Chinese Herbal Medicine is an important and necessary component of treatment for those conditions where acupuncture or biomagnetic therapy may not be desired. The Chinese herbal tradition goes back thousands of years with extensive texts that detail the treatment of both internal and external medical disorders.

What can I expect during an Herbal Consultation at LYT?

Jennifer Taveras, L.Ac. is the Chinese Herbalist at LYT. Her consultation consists of a full constitutional evaluation, a detailed personal history and an analysis of your diet and current medications and supplements. After a Chinese Medical diagnosis has been determined, an herbal formula will be prescribed in the form of teas, pills and/or capsules. Occasionally, tinctures, poultices, powders or syrups will also be employed.

How do I prepare and use the herbs?

There are several methods of herbal administration, and Jennifer will determine which method will work best for you during your consultation:

  • Medicinal Tea - Medicinal tea is the most effective method of herbal administration. Raw herbs (roots, barks, stems, flowers and mineral substances) are cooked and the brew drank 2-3 times daily. The therapeutic advantage of the medicinal tea is that the formulas can be customized to your unique presentation, dosages can be adjusted, and formulas further modified as your condition(s) change and improve.
  • Granules - Granules are dried herbal extracts combined and divided into individual doses. Warm water is added to make the tea. This is a simpler method of tea preparation.
  • Pills and capsules - Pills and capsules are used if you cannot tolerate the medicinal taste of the herbal teas, and prefer the convenience and portability of bottled medicine. They are sometimes preferred for chronic conditions where use of the same formula is necessary for long periods of time. The disadvantage of pills and capsules is that their composition cannot be tailored to your specific needs, and sometimes several formulas will have to be used simultaneously to achieve the most effective therapeutic outcome.

For more information on Jennifer and the other services she offers, please see her biography.


$50 1/2 hour (herbs not included)
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Jennifer Taveras
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