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Natural Alternatives for Depression: How Colonics Help Cure the Blues

June 4, 2013 LYT By:

You might not expect an internet search for “Natural Alternatives for Depression” and a search for “Colonics NYC” to land you on the same page. Colonics are for digestive issues, right? They help to clear up skin problems, too. Right on both points. But colon hydrotherapy is also one of the most important and powerful tools available to people who want to naturally cure depression, without drugs.


The Serotonin Factor

You probably know that serotonin, a neurotransmitter that carries messages between cells, is sometimes called “the happiness hormone” because it’s a key player in regulating mood. But did you know that approximately 95% of your body’s serotonin is produced in your belly? So you can see why anyone looking to treat depression with natural alternatives to drugs would be wise to check in with the gut! In fact, some doctors have noticed that more than half of the patients they treat for depression also tend to have stomach problems. Coincidence? We think not!

The Brain in your gut


Natural Ways to Cure Depression: The Basic Alternatives

Here’s the good news: All the things we suggest you do to keep your digestive system humming happily are also natural ways to cure depression:

• Exercise. Moving your body helps to regulate serotonin production and usage in your brain and your gut.

• Avoid sugar, alcohol and refined flour. These foods are detrimental to your physical, mental and emotional well-being because they tax your adrenal glands – the glands that balance blood sugar levels and support how we think, feel, and react in fight or flight situations.

• Avoid animal proteins. Foods high in protein, such as animal products, cause a drop in serotonin levels.

• Avoid caffeine. It may seem to boost your energy level, but it actually KOs serotonin.

• Eat fresh, wholesome food that is minimally processed. A good diet will go a long way to keeping your mood steady.

• Nurture yourself. Do nice things for yourself. Starting with scheduling a colonic



Colonics and Depression

Medical studies show that there is a strong connection between depression and chronic inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. Your digestive tract actually contains so many neurons that it’s called The Second Brain, and it is in constant communication with the brain between your ears. The vagus nerve is kind of like a sophisticated cable connecting your belly and your brain, so that they can send and receive messages to one another. And the stomach sends nine times more messages to the brain than vice versa! We think that fact alone is a clear indication of why colonics should be in the arsenal of anyone seeking natural alternatives to depression. A healthy gut and a healthy mind are inextricably linked.


Your Body Is a Wonderland

John Mayer had it right. Your body really IS a wonderland, and it deserves the very best support you can give it. If you are severely depressed, see a doctor. But try to find one open to exploring natural ways to cure depression, and know that the team here at LYT is here to help in any way we can. We can provide you with the best colonics NYC has to offer as well as tailored nutrition advice and our years of experience. Contact us online or give us a call at 212-696-1800—we’d be happy to show you the ropes!


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5 Musts Before A Colonic: Preparing for your Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment

March 8, 2013 LYT By:

Taking the colonic leap? Awesome! We’ve got some easy-peasy ‘to do’s’ before a colonic. Did you know that preparing for a colonic doesn’t require a juice fast? Although incorporating fresh pressed juices (not the bottled/pasteurized stuff) the days before is highly recommended, simply increasing the amount of wholesome foods will help you to prepare sufficiently for a colonic. At LYT, once you book your appointment, (heck, it’s even posted for free on our website), we offer simple preparation guidelines that help support you before a colonic to insure you have the best results.


Preparing For A Colonic: 3 Or More Days Leading Up To A Colonic

It’s not just about what you do the day of a colonic that yields positive results during and after your treatment. Ideally, preparing for a colonic should begin at least 2-3 days prior – like rehearsing for an audition. These easy-to-follow tips will help you create the best possible outcome for your session.

1. Drink Water: You can add lemon, lime, mint leaves, etc. Just hydrate. : )

2. Drink Fresh Veggie Juice: Morning is best! Allow about 30-40 minutes between juice and the next meal.

3. Increase Your Salads and Vegetables: These are anti-inflammatory foods that will act like a broom helping your body loosen matter.

4. Food Combining: This is a smart way to eat before or after a colonic and as a regular practice.

5. Protein Smarts: If you are going to eat protein, choose the lighter versions like fish, chicken or turkey & eat them at dinner vs. lunch in the absence of starches.


Before a Colonic: The Day Of Your Treatment:

The smartest way to begin preparing for a colonic is to drink fresh veggie juice and water, and eat either fruit and/or salad (but not at the same time) the day of the session. Keep it light! Depending on the time of your appointment, you’ll want to allow yourself at least 2 hours free of eating or juicing prior to your session. Keep in mind that it’s not optimal to eat heavy meals or processed foods before a colonic. Keep it simple!



Colon Hydrotherapy: LYT Method in NYC

Colon Hydrotherapy  is an extremely valuable treatment that can help you to experience and maintain vibrance, support your juice cleanses, and boost your immune system. The LYT Method is a eye-opening approach to wellness that will change the way you think about self-care and your “health care”! Check out the LYTnyc Youtube Channel  for more eye-opening stories from our clients who’ll tell you their experience first-hand…and then you’ll know why our clients say LYTnyc Colonics Rock® and are the gentlest and most effective colonics NYC has to offer!
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Natural Indigestion Remedies for Acid Reflux Sufferers (1/10 Americans!)

September 20, 2012 LYT By:

Does your painful acid reflux and stash of antacids have you wishing that you had a natural indigestion remedy?  You’re not alone.  Americans spend over 3 billion dollars a year on over-the-counter antacids.  The good news is that there are natural acid reflux remedies that will have you throwing out your “plop-plop, fizz-fizz” Alka-Seltzer and painlessly enjoying your meals again.




Like all symptoms, indigestion is a call for help.  It is your body’s way of signaling to you that your digestive tract is compromised and needs some relief, repair and rebalancing.  While antacids and pain-relief medications can hide the pain, the real call-to-action is to solve the problem with natural indigestion remedies.  


NATURAL INDIGESTION REMEDIES: Foods That Help Acid Reflux, and More


  • Increase living foods and food combine – Living foods supply the key enzymes we need to break down our meals, while food combining ensures quick digestion and keeps the digestive tract moving. 
  • Reduce processed foods – Processed foods are void of nutrients and place a big burden on our digestive tracts.
  • Eat smaller portions and take more time – American culture has us eating huge amounts and usually on the run.  Taking time to chew your food, and being mindful of smaller portions gives the body the necessary relief it needs to digest thoroughly.
  • Reduce over-the-counter medications – Unlike gentle, natural acid reflux remedies, meds like antacids, aspirin, and cold medications add toxic burden to our digestive system. They can prevent vitamin absorption and create an unnatural acidic environment that breeds disease.
  • Avoid inflammatory foods – Foods & beverages like alcohol, coffee, sugar, dairy, white breads and pastas are some of the worst culprits of inflammation and digestive imbalance.
  • Increase probiotics – A good quality probiotic will seed the gut with healthy bacteria that increases the body’s strength, immunity and balance – the body’s best, most natural indigestion remedy!
  • Relax – Diet will take you as far as your emotional health will allow.  How much you hold onto stress, fear, control, and anger will determine your body’s ability to relax, repair and create total health.

Acid reflux is a wake up call and a great opportunity to rebalance the body.  At LYT NYC, our experience tells us that one of the quickest ways to reboot is through colon hydrotherapyCleaning out the built-up toxicity in our guts is a foundation for total balance.  Add any of the the natural acid reflux remedies above to your colon hydrotherapy protocol and you’ll fall in love with a whole new level of health. 


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Back to School: Clear Your Head By Clearing Your Body

September 12, 2012 LYT By:

If going back to school has you enrolled in your health this season, then we’ve got your two-step syllabus to getting a 4.0 in “Healthy Brain Food 101!” School is officially in session and with a clear body leading to a clear head, your overall GPA has no place to go but up, up, up. Today’s lesson: including healthy brain food and colonics in your lifestyle can make going “back to school” a real cinch!


The first step to a clear and sharp brain is to flood our cells with the life generating energy of fresh green juices and raw foods. These alkaline substances rehydrate the old waste that’s built up, especially following a summer of pool parties and vacations. Their abundance of electrolytes helps extract the sticky residue and put it in line for elimination, while their nutrients act as a natural energy-booster.



The next step is to more thoroughly cleanse the body using colon hydrotherapy. Are you aware of the many benefits of LYT’s colonics in NYC? Cleaning the colon is one of the most effective ways to clear and balance the brain. In fact, there is a neurological connection between the digestive tract and the brain that is linking mental imbalances to physical imbalances. This web of neurons around the digestive tract is so complex that scientists are calling it “the second brain.” Research is showing connections between ailments of the brain and symptoms of the body such as anxiety and depression in conjunction with irritable bowel syndrome and ulcers.

The health of our digestive tract directly affects the health of our brains and our moods. A clean and clear colon means a clean and clear head. Not to mention some of the additional benefits of colonics that will have you more than “Back to School” ready:

  • Improved Immunity
  • Clearer Skin
  • Improved Digestion
  • Reduced Allergies
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Sleep

“Back to School” means getting “back on track.” It’s a great time to re-evaluate our lifestyle and begin using healthy brain food and the benefits of colonics to leave us New Yorkers feeling bright, clear and vibrant from the inside out.






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How To Cleanse Your Body of Environmental Toxins: Alkaline Detox Diets and Colonics

April 12, 2012 LYT By:

Did you know that learning how to cleanse your body of environmental toxins is a crucial step in reversing diseases as serious as cancer? 

Phthalates increase flexibility and durability of plastic containers and are known to cause hormone disruption & birth defects.

According to an article written by Dr. Joseph Mercola, he sites information from a report by Columbia University School of Public Health that diet and environmental toxicity cause about 95% of cancers. In our previous blog post, we explained how implementing a raw food diet coupled with regular colonics noticeably improves your overall health and physical appearance. However, we also want you to know a raw food diet and regular colonics can also help effectively remove the environmental toxins from your body that cause cancer!

The Top 3 Environmental Toxins That Cause Disease


According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, a New York Times best-selling author who helps people recover from chronic illnesses through natural methods, Americans have 400 – 800 chemicals stored primarily in the body’s fat cells. If you do not learn how to cleanse your body properly of environmental toxins, you could experience debilitating health conditions such as neurological disorders, cancer, hormonal imbalances, reproductive disorders, fatigue, headaches, allergies and/or asthma. 

Below are the most commonly occurring environmental toxins that people unknowingly consume, and why it’s important to know how to cleanse them from your body: 

1. Mercury: Mercury enters the body through dental amalgams, fish consumption, vaccinations, and contaminated-air inhalation.

2. Pesticides: Insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides coat at least 50% of non-organic food. Pesticide-laden run-off from farms can contaminate the ground water.

3. Phthalates: Often found in soft plastics including water bottles, tupperware, and plastic wrap, phthalates leach from the containers and are absorbed into the body.

BPA-Free Water Bottles From:

How To Cleanse Your Body With Raw Foods: Alkaline Detox Diet


The first step in the process of learning how to cleanse your body of environmental toxins is loosening the toxins from the tissue with a raw food alkaline detox diet. 

Toxins become embedded in your body when the positively-charged acidic waste magnetically adheres to your negatively-charged alkaline tissue. Alkaline detox diets of raw fruits and vegetables contain a negative charge that pulls the acidic toxins out of the cells and into the bloodstream for removal via your body’s elimination systems. 

Fresh-pressed, raw green vegetable juices and salads are the best way to deliver high-doses of alkalinity to your body. Chlorella, cilantro, and raw garlic are particularly good alkaline detox foods that excel at magnetizing environmental toxins from your tissue.

Chlorella Helps Cleanse & Even Prevent Toxins From Being Absorbed By Your Body


The Added Benefits of Colon Cleansing


Once the environmental toxins have been loosened with an alkaline detox diet, it is important to support the process of their removal by cleansing your body with colonics. At LYT in New York City, we believe colonics are the best way to escort environmental toxins out of your body. 

Colon cleansing benefits include more rapid healing time, relief of detox symptoms, and the prevention of re-absorption of toxins into the blood stream. Furthermore, other channels of elimination such as the liver and kidneys can become overtaxed when filtering the blood of environmental toxins – rapidly removing the toxins from your body with colon hydrotherapy will ease their burden.

Colon Hydrotherapy helps cleanse these main organs of detoxification by removing poisons more efficiently from your body.

By including regular sessions as part of your lifestyle, you can experience some of the life-changing benefits of colon cleansing: 

     – weight loss

     – glowing skin and less acne 

     – improved digestion

     – fewer chronic health problems: depression, constipation, back pain, etc.

     – stress relief

If you are looking for other ideas about how to cleanse your body, please see our informative posts on the benefits of lymphatic drainage and juice cleanses. You can also learn more about the benefits of colon cleansing by visiting our Colonics in New York City info page



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