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Are There Colon Hydrotherapy Risks?

March 22, 2013 LYT By:

Colon Hydrotherapy Risks: Dangers Involved in Your Colonics Procedure Can Be Easily Avoided

Wonder if there are colon hydrotherapy risks? Have you ever asked a doctor about colonics and received a list of the dangers of colon hydrotherapy? Well then, let’s talk. In our experience, risk is increased if a person’s body is vulnerable or their health is considerably compromised. This is why LYT has a thorough health history intake upon booking so that we understand any health issues up front and greatly avoid colon hydrotherapy risks. We share colonic preparation information to help you have the safest, most comfortable, and quite simply, the best colonic experience possible given your individualized needs. By the way, our therapists are exceptionally knowledgeable and just purely awesome at sharing tips to help you improve your health and maintain it for life! Yes, we’re in it to share the longevity this lifestyle has to offer you!

Curious About Colonics? Properly research it to understand the facts.

Curious About Colonics? Properly research it to understand the facts.

Dangers of Colon Hydrotherapy: Avoid the Risks

Let’s be frank about the dangers of colon hydrotherapy; it’s not the therapy that is dangerous. The risks do not exist in the treatment itself. After all, we are giving your colon a gentle bath. However, that being said, there may be potential factors with the client’s health history that lead us to suggest alternative therapies or protocols. There are circumstances such as specific surgical procedures, medications, and bodily conditions that may not allow for your colonic treatment to be administered comfortably or safely. We offer guidelines for these situations and often times a client can receive their colon hydrotherapy treatment at a later date in order to avoid these risks. If a client’s health circumstances prevent colon hydrotherapy from being administered altogether, we are upfront about that and offer sensible alternatives to support their health goals and avoid any dangers of colon hydrotherapy.

Be passionate about your curiosity!

Be passionate about your curiosity!

If you follow our instructions and preparation guidelines, there are no dangers of colon hydrotherapy. That’s right, the ‘colon hydrotherapy risks’ don’t exist! The LYT Method Colonic is gentle and effective. We encourage all clients to be honest about their state of health. Please don’t put yourself at risk by ignoring the contraindications for colon hydrotherapy. Reduce any possible danger by preparing your body for your colonic session, following post colonic suggestions, and be certain to avoid recreational drugs (yep, that includes alcohol) before and after your colonic treatments. Get high from vibrant health!

LYT Method Colonics in NYC have served and assisted thousands of clients seeking a more balanced and refined lifestyle. We believe your experience of the most profound colonics NYC has to offer is right here with us at LYT!



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April 30, 2012 LYT By:

It may surprise you to know the benefits of colon hydrotherapy are not limited to the obvious realm of improved digestion and elimination – the positive effects actually encompass many other aspects of your overall health and quality of life. Given this, then it may not surprise you to discover an increasing number of people are incorporating this ancient holistic practice into their lifestyle on a regular basis.


In our two previous posts, we revealed how RAW FOODS ARE RELATED TO CELLULAR REJUVENATION and how to use RAW FOODS TO IMPROVE OVERALL HEALTH. Now we draw your attention to the importance of removing the poisons that these raw foods awaken and unleash! In our experience, it’s not until these destructive substances leave your body that the maximum benefits of colon hydrotherapy are experienced and true cellular regeneration ensues! In fact, the removal of these substances embodies the very meaning of detoxification.


*Improved Digestion: IE:  Reflux

*Improved Elimination: IE: Bloating/Gas/IBS/Constipation

*Reduced Inflammation: IE: Arthritis, Hypo/Hypertension, Hypo/Hyperthyroid, CFS

*Improved Sleep: IE: Insomnia

*Improved Complexion: IE: Acne, Dry Skin, Rashes, Eczema, Hives, etc.

*Improved Circulation & Breathing: Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Disease, Cold/Tingly Limbs, Asthma, etc.

*Improved Fertility: IE: PMS/painful menstruation, Infertility, (inability to conceive/menstruate)

*Improved Nervous System: IE: depression, anxiety, moodiness, irritability, and impatience

*Improved Senses:  See, Hear, Taste, Feel, and Smell with amazing clarity

*Improved Injury Recovery

*Reduced Frequency of Sickness

*Reduced Need For Pharmaceutical Drugs

*Reduced  Tumors, Pre-Cancerous & Cancerous Cells

* Awakens Toxicity

* Removes Toxicity


Most people believe the body can “do it all” on its own. If this were true, how do we explain shampooing our hair, swabbing our ears, brushing our teeth, and washing our bodies? You can see where we’re going here. What is colonic irrigation, you ask?  In a colonic treatment, the colon is alleviated of impacted matter that has not left the body on its own free will and is potentially destined to be the cause of a wide range of infirmity.

We want you to understand that any negative health symptoms you experience are typically a direct result of impacted matter, and even the now loosened up matter, still residing in your body! (Stay tuned to future posts about the spiritual connection to the manifestation of illness.)


The benefits of colonics are vast and impressive! So, if you’re seeking that fountain of youth or at least just a healing modality that allows you to experience an amazing lightness of being, joy for living, and that overall clean feeling from the inside out, you may just find that Colonic Hydrotherapy is the missing link to manifesting vibrant and escalating health in your life!

Now, tell us, aren’t you curious?

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