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Five Anxiety Relief Techniques: Achieve Internal Tranquility & the Benefits of Colonics

July 2, 2013 LYT By:

Good news! This week, we’re tackling the thorny issue of anxiety and we’ve got five holistic and easy-to-implement anxiety relief techniques that work in tandem to bring you internal tranquility: the kind that looks like a floating lotus blossom and sounds like wind chimes tinkling in a summer breeze. Yes, really. That good! Whether you’re having full-blown panic attacks or just need a little help navigating the stress of a hectic life, we’re sure these tried and true anxiety relief tips will help you if you apply them. And because we’re the NYC experts in colon hydrotherapy, we’ll surely be touching on the many benefits of colonics—yes, even when it comes to anxiety!


One: Recognize that you are not your emotions.

Anxiety is a powerful emotion and it’s easy to feel dwarfed by the intensity, especially if you are having a panic attack so intense it’s difficult to breathe. But one of the most important – and effective – anxiety relief techniques we know is to remember that emotions don’t own you and you don’t own them; they’re just visitors passing through. Meditation can be an invaluable part of this process.



Two: Get physical.

In the words of Kyze’s classic house jam Stomp: “Move, jump, jack your body!” Not only should exercise be a part of your daily life, you also should move through an anxiety attack if at all possible. Go for a walk or a run, do jumping jacks, dance, or stomp your feet and flail your arms like a two year old having a temper tantrum. The point is to physically release your emotions.

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Three: Consider the benefits of colonics in your anxiety relief techniques.

Anxiety is, quite literally, a state of dis-ease, and a clear sign that you’re overwhelmed. One of the many benefits of colonics is that they clear out old waste and toxins from your body, which dramatically reduces the stress on your system. In fact, colonics will relax your intestinal nervous system and that, of course, will relax all the other systems of your body in turn.


Four: Eat right.

This is one of the best anxiety relief strategies available. Starbucks lattes can’t be a part of your daily routine if you’re struggling with an anxiety issue. Get the caffeine out of your diet, and get rid of the sugar, too. Sometimes, simply changing your diet can make a huge difference in anxiety levels. But you also should amp up your intake of fresh vegetables, particularly leafy greens which brings us back to another of the benefits of colonics: regular colon hydrotherapy will improve your digestion and help your body to absorb more of the vital nutrients that wholesome foods provide.



Five: Let go of as much as you can.

Again, anxiety is a sign that you’re overwhelmed. So a great way to help relieve yourself of your uncomfortable anxiousness is to simplify your life as much as you possibly can. There are two easy beginning steps:

  1. 1. Streamline your on-line routine so that you have chunks of time when you’re not staring at a computer or smart phone screen.
  2. 2. Clean out your closets and cabinets to create space in your home. When your environment is tranquil, you’ll experience a positive effect on your mood.



Let LYT help!

Our team of experts genuinely wants to ease and enrich your life. Our therapists provide the best colon hydrotherapy NYC has available along with other services that will help you healthfully manage stress. Please contact us to discuss natural anxiety relief techniques and let us know how we can be of service to you in any other way.


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October 13, 2012 LYT By:

If you’ve been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, then no doubt you’ve been given plenty of diet advice to help relieve gluten intolerance symptoms. As LYT Method colon hydrotherapists in NYC, we’re here to shed light on gluten intolerance natural remedies such as the super healing power of colonics and Celiac Disease and explain why colonics may be the answer you’ve been looking for!


Gluten intolerance, like all illness and inflammation, is a symptom – an alarm that sounds when your digestive system is overwhelmed with waste, mucus, and toxins. If your symptoms are showing up as Celiac Disease, colonics may be the answer for cleaning out your colon.


As colonic therapists, we have successfully treated many clients who suffer with celiac disease. They have experienced great improvements with The LYT Method of Colonhydrotherapy here in NYC. In this process, water is gently fed into the colon where it hydrates, loosens, and escorts waste and gas pressure out of your body. Due to the simultaneous water flow in and out of your body, your colon is continuously relieved of toxins which offers your intestinal lining a great opportunity to heal using a natural remedy for gluten intolerance.




Cleanse the Colon – Integrate the winning combination of LYT Method gravity colonics NYC and a vegetarian diet rich in raw foods as a gluten intolerance natural remedy. 

• Eat Clean – Raw foods are a natural remedy for gluten intolerance and can be powerful so we advise to start with small portions, and eat a salad before any cooked foods such as: Steamed veggies, goat cheese, sweet potatoes, wild rice, brown rice, quinoa, millet, poached eggs, raw nuts or seeds. Remember, proper food combining is a must to fully benefit as well!


• Avoid fillers like soy, tapioca, and potato starch that leave residue in the body and add to celiac symptoms.


• Probiotics – Add a vegan high quality probiotic like Dr. Ohhira’s or a coconut probiotic. These are free of dairy and help rehabilitate your intestinal environment.

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics – available at LYT!


LYT believes you hold the power to choose natural remedies, like colonics, that can help relieve your celiac disease symptoms.Check out LYT client Natalie Vargas as she shares her experience with colonics and celiac disease! Now that you have the choice to implement these gluten intolerance natural remedies into your own life, your celiac symptoms can begin to vanish allowing you to foster a whole new level of health!



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Natural Indigestion Remedies for Acid Reflux Sufferers (1/10 Americans!)

September 20, 2012 LYT By:

Does your painful acid reflux and stash of antacids have you wishing that you had a natural indigestion remedy?  You’re not alone.  Americans spend over 3 billion dollars a year on over-the-counter antacids.  The good news is that there are natural acid reflux remedies that will have you throwing out your “plop-plop, fizz-fizz” Alka-Seltzer and painlessly enjoying your meals again.




Like all symptoms, indigestion is a call for help.  It is your body’s way of signaling to you that your digestive tract is compromised and needs some relief, repair and rebalancing.  While antacids and pain-relief medications can hide the pain, the real call-to-action is to solve the problem with natural indigestion remedies.  


NATURAL INDIGESTION REMEDIES: Foods That Help Acid Reflux, and More


  • Increase living foods and food combine – Living foods supply the key enzymes we need to break down our meals, while food combining ensures quick digestion and keeps the digestive tract moving. 
  • Reduce processed foods – Processed foods are void of nutrients and place a big burden on our digestive tracts.
  • Eat smaller portions and take more time – American culture has us eating huge amounts and usually on the run.  Taking time to chew your food, and being mindful of smaller portions gives the body the necessary relief it needs to digest thoroughly.
  • Reduce over-the-counter medications – Unlike gentle, natural acid reflux remedies, meds like antacids, aspirin, and cold medications add toxic burden to our digestive system. They can prevent vitamin absorption and create an unnatural acidic environment that breeds disease.
  • Avoid inflammatory foods – Foods & beverages like alcohol, coffee, sugar, dairy, white breads and pastas are some of the worst culprits of inflammation and digestive imbalance.
  • Increase probiotics – A good quality probiotic will seed the gut with healthy bacteria that increases the body’s strength, immunity and balance – the body’s best, most natural indigestion remedy!
  • Relax – Diet will take you as far as your emotional health will allow.  How much you hold onto stress, fear, control, and anger will determine your body’s ability to relax, repair and create total health.

Acid reflux is a wake up call and a great opportunity to rebalance the body.  At LYT NYC, our experience tells us that one of the quickest ways to reboot is through colon hydrotherapyCleaning out the built-up toxicity in our guts is a foundation for total balance.  Add any of the the natural acid reflux remedies above to your colon hydrotherapy protocol and you’ll fall in love with a whole new level of health. 


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Back to School: Clear Your Head By Clearing Your Body

September 12, 2012 LYT By:

If going back to school has you enrolled in your health this season, then we’ve got your two-step syllabus to getting a 4.0 in “Healthy Brain Food 101!” School is officially in session and with a clear body leading to a clear head, your overall GPA has no place to go but up, up, up. Today’s lesson: including healthy brain food and colonics in your lifestyle can make going “back to school” a real cinch!


The first step to a clear and sharp brain is to flood our cells with the life generating energy of fresh green juices and raw foods. These alkaline substances rehydrate the old waste that’s built up, especially following a summer of pool parties and vacations. Their abundance of electrolytes helps extract the sticky residue and put it in line for elimination, while their nutrients act as a natural energy-booster.



The next step is to more thoroughly cleanse the body using colon hydrotherapy. Are you aware of the many benefits of LYT’s colonics in NYC? Cleaning the colon is one of the most effective ways to clear and balance the brain. In fact, there is a neurological connection between the digestive tract and the brain that is linking mental imbalances to physical imbalances. This web of neurons around the digestive tract is so complex that scientists are calling it “the second brain.” Research is showing connections between ailments of the brain and symptoms of the body such as anxiety and depression in conjunction with irritable bowel syndrome and ulcers.

The health of our digestive tract directly affects the health of our brains and our moods. A clean and clear colon means a clean and clear head. Not to mention some of the additional benefits of colonics that will have you more than “Back to School” ready:

  • Improved Immunity
  • Clearer Skin
  • Improved Digestion
  • Reduced Allergies
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Sleep

“Back to School” means getting “back on track.” It’s a great time to re-evaluate our lifestyle and begin using healthy brain food and the benefits of colonics to leave us New Yorkers feeling bright, clear and vibrant from the inside out.






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