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A Colon Hydrotherapy & Weight Loss Story: How LYTnyc Client Kelly Shannon Made It!

December 29, 2012 LYT By:


Colon Hydrotherapy & Weight Loss

We are delighted to share LYTnyc client Kelly Shannon’s colon hydrotherapy weight loss testimonial. While it is true that one of the many perks of a colon cleanse is weight loss, this process must be accompanied by a mindful approach to lifestyle. Kelly learned how to shift her lifestyle and eating habits sensibly and create a nurturing and healthy relationship with food therefore her colon hydrotherapy sessions truly assisted her weight loss and health goals.

Colon Cleansing and Weight Loss: These Two Go Hand-In-Hand!

LYT’s colon cleansing weight loss method is a gradual process and a healthy experience where you learn the power of a proper colon cleanse teamed with food combining principals. Let us share some points explaining how colon hydrotherapy helps your body reduce weight and rejuvenate.

* Remember that your body is made of trillions of cells that desire to repair themselves and shed unwanted materials (gas, processed foods, and chemicals) as easily and as often as possible.

* Your clever cells will heal and shed gracefully if given the opportunity. Your cells “shedding opportunity” is elevated with the process of colon cleansing. When your colon is emptied of impurities it has not alleviated on its own, the colon cleansing process allows trillions of cells in your body to shed excess gas and waste that it wouldn’t have otherwise accomplished. Thus, a colon cleanse = weight loss. Voila! You feel youthful and vibrant! Think of it like a student who participates in some extra help after school improving his brainpower to elevate his grades!

* Waste = Weight

* Less Stored Waste = Less Weight

* Less Weight = Longevity

* This colon hydrotherapy process allows your cells to contract (become smaller) thus alleviating pressure on your kidneys, liver, and other organs, as well as, allowing all elimination systems to flush properly. Our clients often express an overall sense of rejuvenation in their entire body!

* When you are ready to embark on a colon cleanse weight loss program, we suggest you follow some simple and moderate shifts as suggested in LYT’s Colon Hydrotherapy Preparation Guidelines.

Our Co-Founder, Cindy Suarez, speaks on working with Kelly: “I really appreciated how open Kelly was to shifting her paradigm toward a colon hydrotherapy weight loss approach. I consulted her regularly to integrate meditation, writing, and visualization to better manage stress. It is such a pleasure for me as well as the LYT staff to see our clients accomplishing their goals with the LYT Method.”

We are grateful to Kelly for sharing her story & hope it inspires you and many others!

We are grateful to Kelly for sharing her story & hope it inspires you and many others to experience vibrant health and improved flow in your body!

LYT Method: Colon Hydrotherapy NYC

When you embark on the LYT Method colon hydrotherapy weight loss system, you are encouraged to drink fresh vegetable juice, eat fresh whole foods, and fully maximize your detoxification experience through the power of colon hydrotherapy, NYC. We look forward to assisting you with your own health goals and showing you why Colonics Rock® (gently) at LYTnyc!



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Why Does Colonic Irrigation Promote Weight Loss?

November 7, 2012 LYT By:

Perhaps one of the best kept secrets of our time is the powerful effectiveness of colonic irrigation for weight loss. Counting calories, weighing food portions, and cutting carbs can provide temporary results, but they’re ultimately ineffective because they don’t address the root issue. Real weight loss comes from removing the waste that is at the source of unwanted weight through colonic irrigation.

Colonic Irrigation: WASTE=WEIGHT. Remove The Waste, Lose The Weight.

Our body is made up of trillions of cells whose job it is to take in nutrients and expel waste. When our cells take in more waste than they can consistently expel, from processed foods, dairy, alcohol, and meds, they expand. As they grow, so do we.

LYT Colonic irrigation specialists in NYC hydrate and remove the intestinal waste made up of undigested food, bacteria and gas. By creating space in our primary elimination channel, our cells have the room they need to release their excess waste. As our cells release, they contract and regenerate, revealing a lighter you.


Here Are 3 Simple Steps To Release Waste (Weight)

1. Integrate more raw food: Eating more raw food is crucial to successful colonic sessions. Raw foods are powerful cleansers that loosen and prepare the intestinal system to release impacted matter and gas.


2. Schedule a Series of Colonic Irrigation Sessions: Just as the weight doesn’t appear overnight, the waste in our cells accumulates over time. A few sessions with a LYT Method colon hydrotherapy NYC specialist will removes waste in layers, so give yourself some time to shed.


3. Purge on Paper:  Start a morning routine of putting pen on paper for 10 minutes straight without censoring or editing. Believe it or not, getting rid of toxic thoughts and emotions can make all the difference in getting rid of toxic weight. If we are holding in one area of our lives, then we are holding.


Implementing LYT method colonic irrigation for weight loss is the most pro-active step you can take today to experience weight loss and return your body to balance. As the waste in your cells empties into your colon and is eliminated from your body, a more naturally toned, slender, radiant you will be revealed.


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