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3 Day Natural Beauty & Slimming Remedies

December 2, 2012 LYT By:

With the holidays quickly approaching, LYT has a 3 Day Natural Slimming Remedy that you can easily implement to get lean and stay radiant over the next couple of months.  This step by step plan is full of anti inflammatory foods for health and will rejuvenate the fountain of youth inside of you.


Natural Slimming Remedies are MORE Than Just Weight Loss

Many of you may have a couple of tricks up our sleeve if you need to lose weight in just a few days.  However, losing weight is a far cry from actually contracting the cells of the body, and regenerating the life force that leads to natural tone and youthful radiance.  We have witnessed our Natural Slimming Remedies yield the greatest results when our clients couple them with removing the toxins and accumulated waste that burdens their digestive tracts, cells, and pores.

Eating salads before cooked food is a great way to shed extra pounds, curb poor food cravings, and cleanse your cells of toxins!


Anti-inflammatory Foods for Health are Key

LYT suggests anti-inflammatory food for health, slimming and beauty. Practicing a 3 Day Slimming Remedy serves to detoxify cells of excess waste and gas, and nourishes the body while stimulating one’s metabolism. As our cells contract, we experience a surge of natural energy coupled with true beauty and vitality.


Let Your Holidays be full of Cheer, not Fear, with LYT’s Step by Step Guide

Holiday office parties, cocktails, and family feasts can make us nervous about our weight. However, with LYT’s 3 Day Step-By-Step Natural Slimming Remedies, you’ll know how to get right back on track and find ease in staying on track throughout the coming months.


After just 3 days of putting this 3 Day Slimming Remedy to the test, you will feel energetic, beautiful and transformed. True health and beauty emerges when we apply natural cleansing principles and allow our bodies to conduct greater amounts of vital life force energy.  As you flood your cells with nutrient rich anti-inflammatory foods for health and use LYT Method colonics in NYC we believe you will discover a beautiful and naturally toned body.  Our clients often comment on feeling a joy for life they did not know was even possible!



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Emotional Release Bodywork: Don’t Skip It!

July 31, 2012 LYT By:

Emotional processing and emotional release bodywork are often overlooked, but did you know they are equally as important as focusing on diet, exercise, and cleansing in order to foster health and vitality? Here are some simple at-home emotional release concepts and de-stressing techniques to consider and explore.

You Are What You Accumulate: Physically & Emotionally

Your body exists in a state reflecting the accumulation of your choices and experiences. The emotional body is subject to the same principles and natural laws as the physical body. Eating a poor quality diet causes toxic residue to accumulate in your cells and tissues over time. As the body becomes overburdened by residue, symptoms or degenerative disease will develop as a result of the constant stress.


The same cause and effect relationship applies to your emotional body. Experiences trigger emotional responses, and if emotions are suppressed or denied they will accumulate and prevent you from having full access to who you are and how you feel. Eventually, the suppressed backlog of emotions will cause imbalances in the body in the form of trauma or illness.

It is important to create a support system for yourself through bodywork for emotional release and effective de-stressing techniques.

Favorite Bodywork & De-Stressing Techniques

• Meditation
There are many different methods and techniques of meditation for stress release. The core of a meditation practice is the ability to stay present. Use it as a way to practice staying present in your body and feeling your emotions. Not only can it help de-stress your mind and body, meditation is also great for your immune system health.


• Make Sound And Be Active
We are electro-magnetic beings. All of our cells are suspended in liquid, vibrating in motion at the same frequency as the earth. As animals, we increase our vibration through sound and physical movement. Increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage is an excellent emotional release bodywork de-stressing technique.


• Release Judgments
Judging ourselves creates emotional pain. Allow yourself to accept how you feel. No emotions are “wrong.” Accepting how you feel creates the opportunity for compassion and understanding towards yourself and others, providing much needed emotional release.


• Support Your Body With Colonic Cleansing
A body filled with poisons will be prone to feelings of constant stress, overwhelmedness, fatigue, and depression. Removing old, accumulated waste through consistent colonic cleansing unburdens your organs and circulatory system. A fundamental de-stressing technique, colonic cleansing provides helpful support for your body to be able to handle emotional release bodywork. Find out how you can benefit from colonic cleansing in NYC at LYT!

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Weight Loss Dieting for Yoga-Lovers

June 3, 2012 LYT By:

CALLING ALL YOGIS! Feeling a bit tortured by your twists or a bit challenged by your chaturangas? Consider a yoga weight loss diet as the magical cellular detox that will enhance your practice’s flexibility and movement potential!

What Is A Yoga Weight Loss Diet?

A weight loss diet for yoga allows the body to align deeper with the mind and spirit. Our yogi clients often speak about the immediate improved flexibility and strength in their yoga practice. Frequently we are asked why they may be carrying a little extra weight in their mid-section which we all know can make deep twists and other poses a bit challenging to move into or hold for long periods of time.

By incorporating a cleansing vegan fitness diet and regular colonics into your lifestyle, you’ll become a weight loss warrior breathing through Crow Pose and Seated Spinal Twist with greater confidence, power, and stamina!


Benefits Of A Weight Loss Diet For Yogis Include:

• cultivating a trimmer figure for improved yoga poses

• helping your body feel looser yet toned, more flexible, lighter, and stronger

• enhancing your spiritual connection to humanity

• creating deeper relaxation in shavasana

• being more mindful – naturally

• feeling and looking radiant


Find Body Nirvana With A Vegan Fitness Diet

Improve your yoga practice by incorporating a cleansing vegan fitness diet that contains fresh pressed vegetable juices and raw foods. The alkaline foods not only offer you more energy for your practice but help alleviate toxins from your cells which in turn promotes natural weight loss. Please try these tasty raw food recipes to start cultivating your body nirvana! 

Colonics Are Yin To The Yoga Weight Loss Diet’s Yang

Remember: Waste = Weight! A yoga weight loss diet helps loosen waste (toxins) from your cells and colon hydrotherapy is the “rinse cycle”! This magical fitness and weight loss combo allows you to naturally lose weight and feel increased flexibility. Cleansing your body with a vegan fitness diet and the help of LYT’s colonics in NYC also helps:

• reduce inflammation

• reduce gas/bloating

• eliminate unhealthy cravings

• improve skin quality & muscle tone

• reduce allergies

• increase peace of mind and reduce stress

Colon hydrotherapy and a yoga weight loss diet are a perfect pair! When coupled, they maximize your body’s ability to really flow! Just as Yoga creates a balance between your backbend and your forward bend, it is just as essential and natural to integrate colonics with your new vegan fitness diet and healthy eating habits! Whether you’re a Yogi or just a curious new detoxer, come to LYT NYC and see why Colonics Rock®!



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Juicing For Weight Loss

May 15, 2012 LYT By:

Raw Food Results – Juice Fasting Correctly For Weight Loss

Juicing for weight loss yields rapid results in the short-term, but it may surprise you to know juice fasting combined with colonics will help you achieve your long-term weight loss and health goals. In addition to keeping the excess weight off, juicing will help you transition to a healthier, nutrient-rich diet and eliminate bad food cravings. 


Juicing For Weight Loss Works: Waste = Weight!

The key is waste = weight. Removing excess waste from your body results in weight loss. Juice fasting and raw foods are the best way to awaken and loosen waste, and colonics will help remove it from your body. Read more about raw foods and losing weight here.


Vegetable Juicing Recipes & Fasting Tips


    1. Transition Before A Weight Loss Juice Fast:


               * Alkalinize your diet by including fresh-pressed juices (on an empty stomach), raw salads before cooked food, and whole foods.

               * Reduce/eliminate your intake of acidic/mucus-forming foods such as red meat, dairy, processed starches, and alcohol. 

               *Get a pre-fast colonic for best fasting results. 

    2. During the Weight Loss Juice Fast:


               * Drink approximately 1 gallon of liquid per day during a fast: Composed of a 50/50 ratio of  vegetable juice and water. See the diagram below for the benefits of drinking a substantial amount of water!

               * Get Colonics!!


Vegetable Juicing Recipes For Rookies – Start With 12-16 Ounces

Use equal portions of each of these or use more carrots if you’re new to juicing. As your taste buds shift, you can increase the GREENS!

     * Carrot & Romaine Lettuce

     * Carrot & Celery

     * Carrot & Cucumber

     * Carrot, Beet, & Cucumber

     * Carrot & Fennel

     *** Add a 1- 2 inch chunk of ginger to any of these for some kick & to dissolve mucus!

     *** 1 lb carrots = approx. 8 oz juice

Vegetable Juicing Recipes For Veterans – Consider 24-32 Ounces

     * Romaine & Cucumber 

     * Romaine, Cucumber, & Spinach  

     * Celery, Spinach, Lemon, & Arugula 

     * Grapefruit & Spinach (or shot of Wheatgrass)

     *** Grapefruits are low in sugar, anti-inflammatory, and help dissolve mucus. Keep fruit juice to a minimum during a fast to avoid unmanageable detox symptoms. 

     *** Add a 1- 2 inch chunk of ginger to any of these for some kick!

Colonics Are Necessary When Juicing For Weight Loss

It is crucial to keep the bowels moving when juicing for weight loss. The alkaline juices will loosen more waste than your body is capable of eliminating on its own. The more waste you release with colonics, the more weight you will shed in the long-term! Read more about juice fasting and colonics in New York City to learn more.

Your gut is the "Captain Of The Ship"! KEEP IT HEALTHY!



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Colonics Reduce Skin Issues

May 11, 2012 LYT By:

How To Get Rid of Acne: Natural Remedies to Decrease Inflammation, Irritation and Dehydration

Before you cleanse with Biore, peel with Dior, firm up with Chanel, and moisturize with Prevage, STOP! Learn how to get rid of acne at its roots. Your skin is your largest organ and can reflect disruption and poor health and unhappiness in your body. Sorry, there’s no easy way to say this. If you’re eating inflammatory foods you are provoking your symptoms. Eat to GLOW! Live to LOVE and LAUGH!  And cleanse with confidence to heal your skin once and for all NATURALLY!

Natural Remedies for Acne: Increase the Quality of Your Skin from the Inside Out

In our last post, we discussed what causes acne (cooked oils, dairy, etc.) and how a raw food diet can help reduce inflammation by alkalinizing the body. Use these natural food remedies for acne to help boost your skin’s overall health:

1. Fresh veggie juice supports your collagen, elasticity and hydration. No joke! Pure minerals and vitamins get absorbed immediately and begin to nourish and cleanse your body.

2. Fresh leafy greens, especially fresh vegetables and fruits (eat what’s in season), are all anti-inflammatory foods. Reduce inflammation in your body and reduce irritation and symptoms like acne, rashes, excessive oil, and dehydration. See the food-combining chart for more guidance.

3. Eat raw or cold pressed fats and oils – they lubricate body and beautify skin. Cooked oils clog your pores!

4. Drink raw organic aloe for intestinal support and use the gel from the leaf as a mask. Great for hydration, and its anti-inflammatory ingredients are wonderful natural remedies for acne.

5. Use dry brushing techniques to help remove excess mucus, toxins, and to stimulate your lymphatic system.



Colon Hydrotherapy Reduce Skin Issues: Apply Natural Remedies for Acne, Then Cleanse


Don't let a one ounce tastebud ruin your skin's glowing potential!

Don’t swim in the toxic pool! When you integrate the raw food principals, please know that you must help your body rid itself of the pollutants that have contributed to your acne and skin issues. Our cells have held our history of lollipops, pizza, burgers, alcohol, and deserts – that’s quite a burden. Colon hydrotherapy helps cleanse your colon so that your cells can be relieved of  excess waste and gas, leading to healthy vibrant-looking skin. Colonics Rock®!


Cold cucumber slices are great for reducing eye inflammation! Eating them clears toxicity from the skin and improves kidney health!

Please learn more about colonic sessions as natural remedies for acne at LYT NYC here 

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April 30, 2012 LYT By:

It may surprise you to know the benefits of colon hydrotherapy are not limited to the obvious realm of improved digestion and elimination – the positive effects actually encompass many other aspects of your overall health and quality of life. Given this, then it may not surprise you to discover an increasing number of people are incorporating this ancient holistic practice into their lifestyle on a regular basis.


In our two previous posts, we revealed how RAW FOODS ARE RELATED TO CELLULAR REJUVENATION and how to use RAW FOODS TO IMPROVE OVERALL HEALTH. Now we draw your attention to the importance of removing the poisons that these raw foods awaken and unleash! In our experience, it’s not until these destructive substances leave your body that the maximum benefits of colon hydrotherapy are experienced and true cellular regeneration ensues! In fact, the removal of these substances embodies the very meaning of detoxification.


*Improved Digestion: IE:  Reflux

*Improved Elimination: IE: Bloating/Gas/IBS/Constipation

*Reduced Inflammation: IE: Arthritis, Hypo/Hypertension, Hypo/Hyperthyroid, CFS

*Improved Sleep: IE: Insomnia

*Improved Complexion: IE: Acne, Dry Skin, Rashes, Eczema, Hives, etc.

*Improved Circulation & Breathing: Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Disease, Cold/Tingly Limbs, Asthma, etc.

*Improved Fertility: IE: PMS/painful menstruation, Infertility, (inability to conceive/menstruate)

*Improved Nervous System: IE: depression, anxiety, moodiness, irritability, and impatience

*Improved Senses:  See, Hear, Taste, Feel, and Smell with amazing clarity

*Improved Injury Recovery

*Reduced Frequency of Sickness

*Reduced Need For Pharmaceutical Drugs

*Reduced  Tumors, Pre-Cancerous & Cancerous Cells

* Awakens Toxicity

* Removes Toxicity


Most people believe the body can “do it all” on its own. If this were true, how do we explain shampooing our hair, swabbing our ears, brushing our teeth, and washing our bodies? You can see where we’re going here. What is colonic irrigation, you ask?  In a colonic treatment, the colon is alleviated of impacted matter that has not left the body on its own free will and is potentially destined to be the cause of a wide range of infirmity.

We want you to understand that any negative health symptoms you experience are typically a direct result of impacted matter, and even the now loosened up matter, still residing in your body! (Stay tuned to future posts about the spiritual connection to the manifestation of illness.)


The benefits of colonics are vast and impressive! So, if you’re seeking that fountain of youth or at least just a healing modality that allows you to experience an amazing lightness of being, joy for living, and that overall clean feeling from the inside out, you may just find that Colonic Hydrotherapy is the missing link to manifesting vibrant and escalating health in your life!

Now, tell us, aren’t you curious?

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SUGAR ADDICTION: How To Stop Sugar Cravings With A Raw Food Detox Diet

March 1, 2012 LYT By:

Figuring out how to stop sugar cravings may seem like an impossible task but with guidance and knowledge you can reach your goals. The reason a raw food detox diet helps is simple. (And by the way, you don’t have to live 100% raw to get the benefits.) A raw food detox diet allows your body to heal from eating patterns and addictions as well as soothes your nervous system.

Imagine that you are an athlete and your game has been compromised. You would seek the assistance of a coach to help change the pattern or weakness thus improving your game. In this case, your frazzled nervous system throws your game off. A raw food detox diet is the coach that helps you become very aware of your habits, supports a change in them, and develops a better game plan for you. 

How to Stop Sugar Cravings And Heal Your Nervous System 

Your adrenal glands are located on top of your kidneys and secrete the hormones epinephrine and adrenaline. These hormones function heavily in the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates that are contained in most sweets. When we consume an abundance of foods containing refined sugar, the adrenals have to work overtime to best metabolize these unfavorable food combinations. This excessive work on the adrenal glands’ part is exhausting, leaving us too depleted to handle even the minimal stresses of life. This is when the rage and exhaustion take over and the nervous system behaves like a nervous Nelly. You may feel additional levels of:

* Panic

* Anxiety

* Weakness/Inability To Find And Maintain Your Stamina

* Pain

* Exhaustion

Conquering sugar cravings means rehabilitating your body. You have to cease the input of the poisons it demands. This is where a LYT therapist can be of support. Our food combining chart will get you started!


Sugar Cravings: Other Causes? 

Everyone’s body is different. The following underlying issues may contribute to your cravings: 

1. Candida – This is a yeast that grows within the intestinal environment due to an imbalance in your flora, fermentation from poor eating choices, and irregular bowel movements. Remember, mold, fungus, and yeast can not thrive in a clean and balanced environment.

2. Sugar Addiction in the Brain – Sugar activates the same receptors that are activated by morphine and heroin. Get it!! 

3. Emotional Stress Leads To Craving Sugar Eating sugar can give us temporary “pleasure” to hide any emotional pain.

Don't let a one ounce taste bud overrule your good sense!

Raw Food Detox + LYT Colonics NYC = A Rehabilitated Body! 

So you’ve read this and you are considering cleaning up your act but you feel overwhelmed with this information and the food combining chart. No worries, one step at a time. Raw foods will begin the cleansing process by loosening waste and the residue from your old eating habits. Guess what? If you are not releasing these loosened demons they will run amuck throughout your bloodstream creating all kinds of detox symptoms like, fatigue, acne, rashes, etc. This is where colon hydrotherapy, can assist in your detox of sugar cravings. Further support and results will come with the integration of the raw food detox diet. As you cleanse your body of poisonous waste, you will crave foods from a nutrient perspective, not an addictive perspective. People find themselves naturally craving juices and salads instead of jellybeans and Snickers! Voila! You’ve rehabilitated yourself!! 

Enjoy your new cravings for nutrient dense foods!

Sugar Addiction Support 

We understand that these kinds of changes require educated guidance, compassion, and support. This is what separates LYT form the rest. We have guided thousands in their journey from addiction and chronic symptoms and emotional crisis towards balance, peace, and empowerment. LYT offers comprehensive services to support your goals: Acupuncture, Spiritual/Emotional Coaching, and Nutritional Guidance. Stay tuned for future blogs! 




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RAW FOOD RESULTS – Raw Foods To Lose Weight

February 1, 2012 LYT By:

Many people are now eating raw food to lose weight with great results. Why are they so successful? Well, when asked if it’s better to eat a couple of raw carrots or a baked potato, most people would get out their calorie counters and want to talk numbers. But comparing the calories and fat grams of food items is not the best way to make your weight loss decisions. The secret behind a raw food detox diet’s effectiveness will help explain what makes a few raw carrots a better choice than a baked potato and the reason why is not found on a nutritional label.

Raw Food To Lose WeightSay No to Sludge

We all understand that raw fruits and vegetables, and raw juices are healthy because they provide us with abundant nutrients, but that is not the only reason they are good for us. Equally important is the fact that they move quickly and cleanly through the body leaving very little residue. Items like animal protein, processed foods, dairy, white flour, and processed sugar are sticky and difficult to eliminate from the digestive tract. Yes, all those cheese omelettes, pastas, and turkey sandwiches, are leaving leave a trail of sludge in your system, and it’s the months to years of sludge buildup that’s the main cause of weight gain (for more on how “Waste = Weight” see our blog entry on cellular detox).

Raw Food Detox Diet: a Non-Calorie Count System

When beginning to eat raw food to lose weight, we recommend you don’t go 100% raw. Here’s an easy sample daily menu:

1) Upon rising  –  A big glass of water (12-16 oz) with lemon. It’s a great way to alkalinize the body.

2) Breakfast  –  Raw vegetable juice. Nothing is more nutritious or better at loosening up old waste in the digestive tract. If after an hour you’re still hungry, a few pieces of your favorite fruit or a slice of toasted sprouted-grain bread (or toasted Manna Bread) with avocado OR coconut butter are a good choices.

3) Lunch  –  A big salad with romaine lettuce, avocado and lots of your favorite veggies.

4) Dinner  –  Start with a raw, green salad, then have whatever you want.  Just try to keep with the laws of food combining.

Roasted yams & asparagus make a hearty entree! (Remember to eat your salad first!)


Remove the Sludge, Lose the Pounds

One last, but vital thing to remember when on a raw food detox diet is the importance of including regular colonic treatments in your regimen. The raw foods and juices will do their part in loosening up that old accumulation, but you want to make sure you’re washing that waste and weight away with colon hydrotherapy.

Feeding your body a diet very high in fresh, delicious raw fruits and vegetables will not only fill your cells with abundant nutrients, but it will detox the debris that is hiding in those cells and causing your weight gain. Whether you’re looking to totally transform you body or just shed a few pounds, choose a raw food detox diet plan. It’s the healthy way to lose weight.



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