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Dealing With Holiday Stress: Emotional Release Techniques

December 4, 2012 LYT By:


If the thought of dealing with holiday stress makes you want to pull the covers over your head and take a long winter’s nap, then check out our 4 emotional release techniques that will help you glide through the holidays and stay relaxed all winter long.


Emotional Release Techniques

1. Awareness Is The First Step:

The moment you feel stressed, close your eyes, and scan your body from your feet to the top of your head. Notice where stress is manifesting. As our bodies constrict, we cut off the flow to our precious life force energy or chi causing pain, migraines, and shallow breathing. Take a moment to breathe deeply into any areas that feel tight, and stretch to open and release any stress your body may be holding. Also, consider the energy around you. Making your home, office, and car feel like a sanctuary supports your emotional balance and infuses you with good energy throughout your day.


2. Mediate and BREATHE 

We’ve all heard that theoretically meditation helps us live calmer, more peace centered lives. Well it’s time to make it practical! Here’s a meditation you can do to deal with holiday stress in a board room, at a cocktail party, or on your commute. Breathe deeply into your stomach counting silently from 1- 5. Hold your breathe for 5, and then exhale for a count of 5 and continue for one minute. This simple emotional release technique sends messages to your brain that instantly reboot your nervous system.


3. Choose Power Foods

Give yourself the ultimate holiday gift by choosing foods that will leave you feeling calm, light, and energized. Eating foods in their most natural state delivers a symbiotic relationship of nutrients to the body and mind. Embracing a proper food combining diet also helps with speedy digestion and keeping the physical channels clear is one of the best ways of dealing with holiday stress. Green juice, avocado salads, smoothies, sweet potatoes with real butter and pumpkin pie spice are all foods that flood our bodies with vitamins, give us energy and can comfort us on a cold winter’s night.


4. Redefining Movement

The reason exercise is so good for us is that it helps to move all systems in the body and bring healing oxygen to our cells. Besides exercise, consider other physical techniques to get the lymph and digestive system flowing. Massage, lymphatic dry body brushing, cranio-sacral therapy , and colon cleansing nyc are all excellent ways to keep illness and holiday weight gain at bay by clearing the body’s pathways and restoring vital energy to all systems.


No matter where your holidays may bring you this season, take these 4 simple holiday stress relievers with you. Using subtle emotional release techniques while nurturing your body will insure that you can experience the real peace, love, and joy of this season.



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Spring Ahead! With Feng Shui Design & Health Inspirations

March 15, 2012 LYT By:

Improve Chi Energy Flow In Your Home and Body

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of using elemental energy and color in an environment to generate health, fortune, and great Qi (also known as “Chi”) flow. You can begin improving your home with feng shui today by applying the simple fundamentals of decluttering, arranging furniture, and choosing the right feng shui colors. Then, take the next step to improve your health with feng shui-friendly acupuncture or colonics!

Qi is the vital life force and energy that sustains and connects all living beings. A feng shui environment affects your subtle energy body, enabling you to cultivate strong Qi, which will bring abundance to your life.


A clutter free environment is crucial for attracting good Qi to maintain our personal health as well as for building a successful business!


Feng Shui Design on a Dime – Great Chi in 3 Easy Steps

Consciousness is not expensive. You can design on a dime by following a few steps to incorporate feng shui design in your home environment.

Step 1: De-Clutter

Remove what you don’t need. Everything has energy. When you get rid of unwanted or unnecessary possessions, you remove “stuck” Qi in your home, which is blocking the flow in your life. Donate useable items and consign clothes that don’t fit! By getting rid of this stale Qi, good Qi will flow into your life and offer you more abundance in the form of a new job, more money, or even a much cuter pair of shoes!

De-clutter the "garbage" and notice how a clean & organized home affects your breathing and reduces anxiety! Exhale & say ahhhh!

Step 2: Rearrange

Arrange furniture you already have to maximize the easy flow of Qi – the ultimate design on a dime solution! Consider how Chi flows like a river. Using your natural intuition, arrange your furniture so energy flows through any open door and gracefully through your home. Relocate any blockage-forming furniture, clear the floors, and remove tables and chairs crammed into corners or against closets.


Step 3: Use Feng Shui Colors to Enhance and Balance Your Environment.

Incorporate feng shui colors that will create strong Qi. Each feng shui color corresponds to one of five elements, and has a corresponding affect on the areas in your life.

     * Fire (reds, oranges) = Achievement

     * Earth (sand tones) = Balanced Relationships

     * Metal (grays) = Clarity

     * Water (blues) = Calmness

     * Wood (browns, greens) = Health and Wealth

You can incorporate feng shui design for less by using artwork, accessories, and fabric you already have or create collages out of colorful magazine pictures. It’s advisable to anchor specific feng shui colors within your environment (choose 1-2 elements per area).

Cherry Blossoms in antique bottles are a simple inexpensive accessory that will add color and life to any room!

Framing favorite postcards or stationery is an inexpensive way to create wall art. Add a splash of color to your room with a painted accent wall! Accessorize with bright contrasting elements for impact!

For Your Body: Feng Shui Health with Acupuncture

The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture can help you cultivate and sustain the life force in your body with feng shui health principles. Qi flows through your body via energy passageways called “meridians” – the same way it flows through your home’s hallways. When the flow along a meridian is blocked or disrupted, imbalances develop, and eventually present as a physical symptom or illness.

Acupuncture is a kind of feng shui health practice that can assist the body in recovering from numerous symptoms and ailments such as migraines, hormonal imbalances, infertility, insomnia, and stress. LYT’s Acupuncturist, Jennifer Taveras, L.Ac is an expert in helping your body maintain its vibrant Qi flow!

Imagine this bamboo pathway represents a meridian in your body. When we are free of blockages, we allow our Qi to flow freely!

Improve Chi Energy In Your “Home” – A.K.A. Your Body!

Combine the feng shui health practices of acupuncture and colonics at LYT to keep your insides clutter-free and the chi flowing. Prepare your body for the abundance of spring!

Watch your radiance bloom from the inside out! Let LYT's therapists support you as you unearth your healthy body, mind, and sprit!


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