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Ana Zaharia Testimonial: Raw Food to First Time Colonic

January 14, 2013 LYT By:

LYTnyc is happy to share Ana Zaharia’s story about the road from raw food to her first time colonic. We know how unsure and nervous people can feel about choosing the right wellness center and finding the right therapist for their first colonic. We get it! We also had a first time colonic experience back when we were clients. So we are well prepared to walk you through the steps from preparation all the way through to your post colonic protocol. 


Step By Step: Colonic Irrigation For Beginners

Here are four simple preparation steps to colonic irrigation for beginners. Remember, these steps can begin immediately and especially 2-3 days before your first time colonic irrigation appointment.

1. Drink fresh vegetable juice on an empty stomach to loosen matter and gas in preparation for your colonic irrigation treatment.

2. Hydrate your intestinal system properly. A sensible amount of water to drink daily is based on half your body weight converted to ounces. IE: 140 lbs / 2 = 70 ounces of water. Your body needs plenty of water to efficiently flush its system.

3. Refrain from drinking carbonated beverages, eating dairy, processed foods, white flour, and heavy protein like red meat.

4. Increase salads and vegetables for lunch and dinner and yes, they can be delicious meals

We often hear from our first time colonic irrigation clients that they feel better even after just following these initial steps. If you already eat a more vegetarian-based diet, then you can simply drink juice, eat salads w/ avocado, and follow with steamed vegetables the day prior to your first colonic to support a more productive treatment.

Whether you’re a first time colonic client or you’re already detox savvy, we know you will love LYT. Our clients’ only regret is wishing they had googled “colonics nyc” and found LYTnyc so much sooner! 


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