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Springtime Allergies: Can Acupuncture Relieve Your Suffering

May 18, 2012 LYT By:

Acupuncture for Allergies: One Of The Best Natural Allergy Treatments For Springtime


Tired of popping pills every day and finding crumpled tissues in every pocket, purse, and jacket you own? Wondering if acupuncture is right for you? In our experience, acupuncture for allergies is one of the best natural allergy treatments, and our clients thank us endlessly for the results.

According to Chinese Medicine, the root cause of allergies is a lack of protective Qi energy – Wei Qi energy, to be precise. When Wei Qi is weak, outer forces can penetrate your first line of defense and POW – the itchy, red, sneezy symptoms flare up!

Allergy medicines only bury these symptoms deeper into your body, cementing this pattern in your cells, tissues and organs. Acupuncture for allergies can be the gardener that removes the weeds and leaves you with a rich soil by increasing its nourishing energy: Wei Qi.

Address the Root Cause of Allergies:Strengthen Your Qi


Acupuncture for allergies strengthens and rebalances your Wei Qi and all Qi in your body, reducing symptoms. As New Yorkers, we need our defense systems intact! Just stand on a subway platform as a train rolls into the station and consider what is flying through the air. YIKES!

Wei Qi acts like the Avengers, creating a vigorous force (energy) field around your body and defending you from irritants and pollutants and acting as a natural allergy treatment. When your Wei Qi is balanced, no planet, creature or microorganism will be able to penetrate and cause allergy symptoms. Strengthening your Qi with Acupuncture can even help reduce cravings and addiction!

NYC Acupuncture for Allergies As your Natural Treatment:


When considering acupuncture for allergies, look for a compassionate, intuitive therapist. After all, allergies as well as any chronic condition must be treated by careful examination of your unique constitution. Acupuncturists like LYT NYC’s Jennifer Taveras, L.Ac embody the wise, compassionate perspective needed to suit your individual needs and determine which course of natural allergy treatments will work best for you.


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Reduce Dairy, Reduce Allergies! Natural Allergy Remedies:

March 21, 2012 LYT By:

One of the best natural remedies for allergies isn’t taking a supplement or using a special humidifier, but is simply putting down the cheese platter! More specifically, dairy allergy symptoms in adults such as intestinal discomfort, hay fever, asthma, and watery/itchy eyes, are reduced or even eliminated by lessening and/or ceasing dairy consumption all together! If you take out the dairy, the allergic reaction ceases. Consequently, these symptoms can vanish making abstaining from dairy the best natural allergy remedy you may never eat!


4 Common Dairy Allergy Symptoms in Adults


    * Intestinal Discomfort: Bloating, cramping, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting

    * Hay Fever: Congestion, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, watery eyes

    * Asthma: Wheezing, Bronchitis, difficulty breathing

    * Hives: Itchy, red skin welts appearing anywhere on the body


For those who suffer with sinus allergies, A Neti Pot is a very effective way to clear the sinus passage! 

Why Does Dairy Cause Allergies?

The sensitive immune systems of adults with dairy allergies attack the cow dairy proteins casein (in milk’s curd) and whey (in milk’s liquid) immediately after the individual ingests milk. The antibody immunoglobulin E is instantly activated by the immune system and subsequently, these antibodies trigger a histamine release. This histamine is what creates inflammation in the body, such as inflaming the lungs generating hay fever and asthma symptoms, resulting in the 4 dairy allergy symptoms common to adults.


Eat Your Delicious Natural Allergy Remedy with Dairy Alternatives

There’s no need to cry over spilled cow’s milk when there are a variety of non-dairy delicious and widely available healthy options!  Almond, hemp, and rice milk are fantastic substitutes for (cow’s) milk and can be used in raw food detox diet smoothies and desserts. Use food as your natural remedy for allergies by roasting vegetables with coconut oil instead of butter and alternatively spreading coconut butter on top of warm sprouted grain toast. For cheese lovers, savory spreads such as raw cashew and hemp seed cheese, check out Dr. Cow’s brand, and guacamole are delicious dairy-free options. And if you typically use cheese in your sandwich, you can substitute thick slices of avocado on crunchy sprouted grain toast packed with juicy red peppers and sunflower sprouts for added flavor and texture! 



Nutritional Yeast is a delicious way to enjoy the flavor of parmesan without the congestion from dairy! Sprinkle on: Salads, vegetables, and grains! 

Ya didn’t think we‘d leave out a dessert option, did ya? 

Colonics Assist in the Effective Natural Remedy for Allergies

If you’re experiencing any of these dairy allergy symptoms common to adults, reducing or eliminating dairy coupled with regular colonics will serve as one of the most effective natural remedies for your allergies! Colonics profoundly address the healing of your intestinal discomfort. Furthermore, colonics coupled with alkalizing vegetable juices and enzyme-packed leafy salads help heal inflammation in the body, such as that triggered by a histamine release. If you’re struggling with reducing your dairy consumption, colonics help eradicate cravings for food our body falls ill from and our experienced LYT therapists can work with you to find alternative meal options. Even if you’ve eliminated most or all dairy from your diet, colonics at LYT will help remove that latent cow’s milk residue lodged in your cells and intestine and therefore most efficiently help cleanse your body of this irritating, allergy instigator.

Feel the ease in your respiratory system with less dairy in your diet!


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