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Colonic Irrigation Procedure: LYTNYC Experts Simplify It For You

March 16, 2013 LYT By:

Colonic Irrigation Procedure: LYTNYC Experts Simplify It For You

Let’s de-mystify the colonic irrigation procedure! Whether you call it a colonic, colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation, the procedure of administering a colonic is simply a bathing of your large intestine with purified water. That’s it! Finito! Finale! Basta! The end! So, if it’s that simple, what’s all the controversy about? Since 1999, we’ve seen offices offering colonic irrigation in NYC double and even triple. Yet, the colonic irrigation procedure remains a mystery for many and taboo in the medical world. Stories circulate about perforated colons, compromised friendly bacteria, reduced electrolytes, and loss of bowel control/dependency. Doctors have placed fear in people when it comes to cleansing from within. Hey, what’s up doc? Let’s break it down with our expertise.

The Truth About Detoxification Just Might SaveYou!

The Truth About Detoxification Can Save Your Health!

1. Perforation: In a LYT Method Gravity Colonic in NYC, there is a continuous flow of water, in and out of the client’s body, which means that you’re not being filled up like a balloon. We do allow your colon to part-take in retentions of with water BUT this is done after some of the gas and matter has emptied which creates room for sensible supervised retentions. This is a therapist administered and NOT machine controlled procedure. Molto importante! Why? Because you don’t want a machine forcing water into your bum or any other part of your body. You want a human being there with you that is sensitive to your rhythm and the state of your colon. No instruments are traveling through your colon in the colonic irrigation procedure, only warm water.

Colonic Irrigation Procedure Perforation

2Loss of friendly bacteria: Darling please! You think those margaritas, processed foods, and medications aren’t impairing your friendly bacteria? If you like your friends, treat them well and they’ll be loving and loyal. The way to maintain healthy bacteria is to drink and eat nutritious fresh juices and foods, include probiotics (vegan please), and make sure your bowels are moving and grooving so that waste is not sitting around putrefying, fermenting, and destroying your internal balance and impairing your friendly bacteria. Intestinally speaking, you have to keep the poop moving so your gut can rejuvenate you!

Colonic Irrigation Increases & Supports Friendly Bacteria

3. Loss of electrolytes and bowel control or dependency: Now this is getting crazy! Simply put, electrolytes are compounds that get transported in a salty fluid to assist electrical impulses, muscle function, hydration, and PH level. Serious stuff! That’s why we remind you to drink water, raw coconut water, and fresh veggie juices, always, and especially right after your colonic irrigation procedure. If your body is impacted with waste and gas then your absorption becomes limited. In all the years of our experience with colonic irrigation, we’ve never seen in ourselves or in our clients a loss of bowel control or dependency. We work with the Wood’s Gravity Method, which does not weaken your peristalsis. To the contrary, this colonic irrigation method gives your colon a work out, toning and strengthening this vital muscle as the waste matter is alleviated. It just makes sense!

Loss of electrolytes and colonics

Electrolytes are abundant in raw coconut water, raw fruits/vegetables, & nuts. You can even add a pinch of sea salt to your drinking water for sodium enrichment.

Colonic Hydrotherapy NYC: LYT Method Simplifies Your Experience

A colon hydrotherapy treatment is meant to assist your body in removing pollutants that have accumulated from the day to day living of our modern, fast-paced, NYC lifestyle. We have designed the LYT colonic irrigation prep to be easy for anyone to apply. We are sure you will find that the LYT Method colonic irrigation procedure is expertly administered by our skillful, knowledgeable and certified therapists and is synonymous with the best colon hydrotherapy NYC has to offer!

LYT Colonics NYC

Colonics allow us to live our lives with the ultimate flow and tap into our highest potential.


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Why Does Colonic Irrigation Promote Weight Loss?

November 7, 2012 LYT By:

Perhaps one of the best kept secrets of our time is the powerful effectiveness of colonic irrigation for weight loss. Counting calories, weighing food portions, and cutting carbs can provide temporary results, but they’re ultimately ineffective because they don’t address the root issue. Real weight loss comes from removing the waste that is at the source of unwanted weight through colonic irrigation.

Colonic Irrigation: WASTE=WEIGHT. Remove The Waste, Lose The Weight.

Our body is made up of trillions of cells whose job it is to take in nutrients and expel waste. When our cells take in more waste than they can consistently expel, from processed foods, dairy, alcohol, and meds, they expand. As they grow, so do we.

LYT Colonic irrigation specialists in NYC hydrate and remove the intestinal waste made up of undigested food, bacteria and gas. By creating space in our primary elimination channel, our cells have the room they need to release their excess waste. As our cells release, they contract and regenerate, revealing a lighter you.


Here Are 3 Simple Steps To Release Waste (Weight)

1. Integrate more raw food: Eating more raw food is crucial to successful colonic sessions. Raw foods are powerful cleansers that loosen and prepare the intestinal system to release impacted matter and gas.


2. Schedule a Series of Colonic Irrigation Sessions: Just as the weight doesn’t appear overnight, the waste in our cells accumulates over time. A few sessions with a LYT Method colon hydrotherapy NYC specialist will removes waste in layers, so give yourself some time to shed.


3. Purge on Paper:  Start a morning routine of putting pen on paper for 10 minutes straight without censoring or editing. Believe it or not, getting rid of toxic thoughts and emotions can make all the difference in getting rid of toxic weight. If we are holding in one area of our lives, then we are holding.


Implementing LYT method colonic irrigation for weight loss is the most pro-active step you can take today to experience weight loss and return your body to balance. As the waste in your cells empties into your colon and is eliminated from your body, a more naturally toned, slender, radiant you will be revealed.


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April 30, 2012 LYT By:

It may surprise you to know the benefits of colon hydrotherapy are not limited to the obvious realm of improved digestion and elimination – the positive effects actually encompass many other aspects of your overall health and quality of life. Given this, then it may not surprise you to discover an increasing number of people are incorporating this ancient holistic practice into their lifestyle on a regular basis.


In our two previous posts, we revealed how RAW FOODS ARE RELATED TO CELLULAR REJUVENATION and how to use RAW FOODS TO IMPROVE OVERALL HEALTH. Now we draw your attention to the importance of removing the poisons that these raw foods awaken and unleash! In our experience, it’s not until these destructive substances leave your body that the maximum benefits of colon hydrotherapy are experienced and true cellular regeneration ensues! In fact, the removal of these substances embodies the very meaning of detoxification.


*Improved Digestion: IE:  Reflux

*Improved Elimination: IE: Bloating/Gas/IBS/Constipation

*Reduced Inflammation: IE: Arthritis, Hypo/Hypertension, Hypo/Hyperthyroid, CFS

*Improved Sleep: IE: Insomnia

*Improved Complexion: IE: Acne, Dry Skin, Rashes, Eczema, Hives, etc.

*Improved Circulation & Breathing: Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Disease, Cold/Tingly Limbs, Asthma, etc.

*Improved Fertility: IE: PMS/painful menstruation, Infertility, (inability to conceive/menstruate)

*Improved Nervous System: IE: depression, anxiety, moodiness, irritability, and impatience

*Improved Senses:  See, Hear, Taste, Feel, and Smell with amazing clarity

*Improved Injury Recovery

*Reduced Frequency of Sickness

*Reduced Need For Pharmaceutical Drugs

*Reduced  Tumors, Pre-Cancerous & Cancerous Cells

* Awakens Toxicity

* Removes Toxicity


Most people believe the body can “do it all” on its own. If this were true, how do we explain shampooing our hair, swabbing our ears, brushing our teeth, and washing our bodies? You can see where we’re going here. What is colonic irrigation, you ask?  In a colonic treatment, the colon is alleviated of impacted matter that has not left the body on its own free will and is potentially destined to be the cause of a wide range of infirmity.

We want you to understand that any negative health symptoms you experience are typically a direct result of impacted matter, and even the now loosened up matter, still residing in your body! (Stay tuned to future posts about the spiritual connection to the manifestation of illness.)


The benefits of colonics are vast and impressive! So, if you’re seeking that fountain of youth or at least just a healing modality that allows you to experience an amazing lightness of being, joy for living, and that overall clean feeling from the inside out, you may just find that Colonic Hydrotherapy is the missing link to manifesting vibrant and escalating health in your life!

Now, tell us, aren’t you curious?

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